What did you learn on vacation?

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What did you learn on vacation?

It always seemed like a silly question. The school is to do the work you are told to do, the summer holidays were to discover all the things that were worth taking care of.

As adults, regardless of our hemisphere, we are always on school leave. No tests or diplomas, just a huge selection.

And in a world that is constantly changing, learning is an attribute that is often overlooked, no matter how slow we try to slow it down.

People at LinkedIn asked me to create a short video series on how organizations can be more creative. You can check it out here.

And Akambo, proudly owned by Independent B Corporation, has a group of useful workshops that can learn more about today.

The deadline for a formal decision on the LMBA’s October 2021 session is July 27

The ninth (!) Session of the podcasting workshop with Alex de Palma is now open for pre-registration (starting July 20).

The sixth session of the freelance workshop begins in about a month. Nothing like this workshop will change your work as a soloist.

A powerful workshop on the story of bestselling author Bernadette Jiva is also starting in August. You can sign up today.

And we are very close to the real skills conference they are developing. See details so you don’t miss out.

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