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Well, why is Samsung selling a thousand inch TV? – Review Geek


Samsung has just released a new version of “The Wall”, which has seen ridiculously large micro-LED TV displays. This upgraded model comes in a variety of configurations and is up to a thousand inches in size. Okay, so why is Samsung selling a thousand inch TV?

We saw Samsung’s 146-inch Wall TV at CES a few years ago, then last year they announced several improvements to the 110-inch model. However, the latest 2021 edition of this micro LED technology has some major updates. These updates are as big as TVs, and will eventually go to smaller, more mainstream TVs that you can really fit in your home. And that’s the key here.

For now, the new “IWA Series” display is designed for business and commercial applications, not in your room. Even Samsung’s promotional images show a 1,000-inch large TV at this retail store. Samsung’s new 2021 version is available in “select markets” starting today, and as expected, it did not share the price tag.

The upgraded 2021 Samsung IWA series “The Wall” TV comes with up to 40% smaller LEDs, which Samsung says offers better color and higher contrast, sharper images, better AI, and an 8K. Resolution with 120Hz refresh rate. The wall has a brightness of 1,600 nits and is much brighter than LG’s best, which is below 1,000 nits.

These displays consist of several modular panels arranged together. Buyers can configure them in numerous different configurations, including an Ultraviolet 15D 15,360 x 2,160 16K resolution, concave, convex, and even roof-to-business. Hanged in “L” shape.

Samsung Micro LED TV

So, what exactly is a micro LED, and why are they important? The micro LEDs illuminate each one individually instead of a large LCD screen, and to display beautiful black images, the LEDs turn off completely. OLED displays do the same, but they are subject to burn-ins and other factors, which make micro-LEDs better than OLEDs.

It’s great to see that Samsung has tried to sell to TV customers as large as a wall-sized TV. He said that he also introduced the technology in regular size TVs that our common people can really fit in their homes. At CES earlier this year, Samsung announced that it would begin offering 110-inch, 99-, 88-, and 76-inch micro-LED 4K TVs to traditional consumers in 2021. And yes, while 76 inches is still too big, at least it will fit in your home.

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