Website Themes Effect SEO

Google has published a short video to answer if the theme of the website affects SEO. Video host John Mرller replied that yes, a website theme would affect SEO and noted how this could happen.

Mller said:

“It’s easy to think of website themes as just a splash of color over a whole structure. But there’s more to it.”

One theme will affect how the website displays the many content elements that are fundamental to SEO:

  • Titles
  • Text
  • Images
  • How pages are linked.
  • Page load times.
  • Structured data.

According to Google, good topics will make the content easier for search engines to understand, and M مولller confirmed that changing the theme of a website will generally affect the SEO of the website.

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Test Drive New Website Themes.

John Mرller said it’s a good idea to test a website’s theme before choosing one.


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  • Try themes on the test site.
  • Add content from the previous website.
  • Block the indexing of a test site so that Google does not crawl it by mistake.
  • Review the HTML generated by the theme.

Insights from the search community.

I asked some SEO and web design experts if they thought the choice of a website theme affected SEO.

Adam J. Humphrey.

Search marketing expert Adam J. Humphrey (LinkedIn Profile) Maken8 Inc. shared his insights on how topics affect SEO.

“Yes, just like the way websites are presented, they affect the way search engines work.

I saw a 26% increase in the overall views of a large wrestling group and their best year on record as a result of changes in their themes.

Themes really matter and if they clearly use WordPress, one should use Gutenberg based editors (otherwise known as Gutenberg builders) for WordPress because they want to use WordPress cover. Are the purest form of the editor and will result in ridiculously fast page speed. .

The fact is that even if Google’s core was not an element of web vital ranking, I would still prefer it because I’ve been around for years just because of how well users respond to fast sites. We’re talking more clicks, more calls, and more sales conversions in general. Whether it’s a multinational site or a local business, the positive response seems to be the same.

That’s why I recommend editors based on Gothenburg Blocks because they use the WordPress engine which makes loading time much faster.

This year, Oxygen and Brix Builder are my only two recommendations on these topics that are ready to take the time to learn.

Otherwise the straightforward WordPress editor will not be able to reach 100 on the mobile score in the first world of mobile.

Alternative themes upload too many scripts, resulting in low scores.

Less moving parts means less friction, which is the same for choosing a theme for SEO.


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Chris LeBlanc.

Chris LeBlanc (LinkedIn Profile), Director of Marketing. Agreed that choosing a theme was important:

“Changing your WordPress theme can affect SEO rankings, if you make poor choices.

One of the reasons is that your theme affects your design (CSS and JavaScript) which in turn affects the speed of the site.

Alex Alexis.

Founder of Alex Alexis (LinkedIn Profile). Pixel Chefs Web Design and SEO. SEO offers insights on the importance of topics:

“Yes, changing the theme of a site can affect the speed of a website such as design, page structure, internal links and sometimes architecture.

For example, topics can negatively affect the speed of your sites:

  • Requires multiple plugins to work “properly”
  • Loading additional external resources (scripts, web fonts)
  • Loading additional internal resources (scripts, web fonts)
  • Bad coding
  • Immovable css
  • JavaScript / jquery without permission

Site architecture is a big problem especially in site reconstruction as some themes are configured with custom post types that force the structure of the URLs which may be existing Not the same as architecture.

Choose your website theme carefully.

Many topics call themselves SEO friendly. But that doesn’t always happen. Many themes provide low performance scores in Google’s Page Speed ​​Insights tool. Demonstration sites even perform poorly for some “SEO friendly” themes.

Page Speed ​​Score for “SEO Friendly” Theme.

This is a real Page Speed ​​Insights score of 35 out of 100 for the theme that advertises itself as SEO friendly.

Adam J. Humphrey cites the Gutenberg Block Editor as a viable option for building a fast-performing website. Building directly with WordPress Gutenberg Site Builder is faster because the site is created directly from the cover and does not have to go through any additional layers. WordPress is constantly improving Gutenberg code so that it only loads the files needed to create a web page.


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It is important to understand that Gothenburg is not completely gone. It is being built in four phases, and WordPress is currently in the second phase, bringing the full site editing address to Gutenberg.

The four stages of Gothenburg’s development

  1. Easy Editing – Already available in WordPress, with ongoing improvements.
  2. Customization – Full site editing, block patterns, block directory, block based themes.
  3. Collaboration – A more intuitive way to make content co-author.
  4. Basic implementation for multilingual-multilingual sites.

As John Mرller suggested, always set up a test site to stage your new WordPress theme where you can configure the site exactly as you wish.

Services like WP Stagecoach, which I have used, make the process easier.


Watch Google Video.

Is Website Theme Important For SEO?

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