Website Design Tech Startup Increases Web Flow $ 140 Million

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Website Design Tech Startup Increases Web Flow $ 140 Million

(Reuters) – The San Francisco-based Web Flow, a platform for web designers who don’t know how to code, said Wednesday it raised more than 2 1.2 billion because investors The lack of coders makes it a condition that he will promote it. The so-called “no code” tech.

While there are also website creators like Squarespace, Vlad Magdalen, chief executive of WebFlow, said they were for consumers, while Webflow does more complex work for companies and web designers.

“Nuncode is still a preliminary category and a lot of things you still have to do with the code. Spend on to save costs and move faster.

On Tuesday, Boston-based AirSlate, which helps non-coders build internal workflow systems for tasks such as collecting customer data or collecting travel expenses signed by a manager, said it 40 million collected

In addition to the lack of IT resources, the enterprise is facing a number of software challenges, with an estimated 1,200 different software products used by companies, said Buriya Shakhunoch, chief executive of AirSlate. Are doing “The need for piping between these applications is growing,” he said.

Irwin Matthews, a partner at Silicon Valley venture capital firm Excel, says the Internet has been growing for the past 13 years, but “there are still a small population of 2 million in the United States. They know how to grow.” And code for the Internet. “

He added that he sees a great opportunity in the field.

Excel, the initial investor in Facebook, and Silversmith Capital Partners led the webflow funding round, which included the participation of a new investor, Capital G.

Reporting by Jane Linh Lee Edited by Aurora Ellis


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