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Web Tools: Top Online Tools for Web Designers and Developers

Web Tools is a collection of free online productivity tools designed for web designers and developers. Tools not only help us to work and make it easier, but they also help us to understand concepts more clearly, because they are dynamic and interactive.

Here are some straightforward links to these tools that you can quickly see in a new tab and bookmark whatever you find useful for later use. Bookmarking or saving online gangs helps you remember or open them faster. Therefore, we become more efficient at work.

Text / Code Difference Checker

With the help of the difference checker tool, you can quickly compare the differences between two versions of text or code.

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Advanced color picker

With the color picker tool, you can choose colors and create color schemes for your websites and web apps. More color pickers (image color pickers and popular color pickers coming soon) will be added in the future.

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CSS Box Shadow Editor

With the help of CSS Box Shadow Editor, you can create amazing CSS3 based box shadow effects. You can also create multi-level box shadows to achieve real shadow effect with two or more lights.

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CSS Text Shadow Editor

With the help of CSS Text Shadow Editor, you can create amazing CSS3 based text shadow effects to get the user’s attention. You can also create multi-level text shadows with this amazing tool that gives real depth to the text.

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CSS Gradient Generator

With the CSS Gradient Generator, you can create simple linear to complex radial CSS background gradient. This tool not only creates CSS files but also creates image files for Milan background that you can use as background image in your CSS. CSS gradient is recommended for better page speed and responsiveness.

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CSS dynamic gradient generator

With CSS Dynamic Gradient Generator, you can get user attention. They can create cool imaginary backgrounds. You can create gradients with the color of your choice and use as many colors as you like.

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Easy function generator in CSS

With the CSS Softening Function Generator, you can create a pre-built softening function for animations and use it to achieve this unique and professional effect on your CSS transitions and animations. You can also customize your needs.

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Image resizer and compressor

With the Image Resizer and Compressor tool, you can resize and compress your images for faster web use. Images have been compressed in your browser and have not been uploaded to the server, so it is very safe to resize and compress personal images with this tool.

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Image in Base 64 Converter

With Image Format in Base 64 Converter, you can convert any image file to Base 64 format for web use. When you do not want to call images directly, you can use this code in HTML as well as CSS files.

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CSS Autopreciper

With the help of CSS Autooprefixer, you can automatically add the desired vendor prefix for better cross-browser compatibility. It easily relieves you of the hassle of typing every browser code. So, now you can just focus on the main creative part and skip cross-browser support on that tool.

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Code Manifier

With the code-negative tool, you can reduce the size of your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes for better website speed. It ignores all locations and new lines and reduces file size for better download speeds and faster websites.

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Uglify / Minify JS

With the help of UGLife JS tool, you can uglify and minify JavaScript code to prevent great web page speed and code logic theft This editing technique makes JavaScript files lighter in size than just ignoring spaces. This makes it very difficult for public users to read and understand the logic of your JavaScript code who can only copy the code and copy the logic. This is a highly recommended tool for preparing JavaScript files for productive use.

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HTML, CSS, and JS Beautifiers

With the help of Beautifier tool, you can beautify your own blasphemous HTML, CSS, and JS code for clean and easy coding. This tool is really helpful when you come across codes that are dirty and not clear and concise.

Bookmark these tools, and keep up the good work as more helpful tools will be added in the future. Also, please share them with your friends and colleagues who may find them useful.

Thank you!


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