Web Design: 5 Basic Types of Images for Web Content

When it comes to parameters such as enhancing your brand reputation, engaging with potential customers, and increasing website metrics ranking, each of these components contributes to the overall success.

Although practically all business owners agree on the important role of content, sometimes they do not understand how to create valuable content that is sure to attract new audiences and I will be featured in hundreds of competing websites. To address this challenge, several studies have been conducted to measure the success level of content.

There is no doubt that you need time and effort to make your website as attractive as possible. As a result, your customers will have a positive experience and, as a result, more return visits. Here are some key pointers in moving forward.

Source of images

Surprisingly, but before we start discussing what kind of images would be best for you, we should come up with an answer to an important question: Where can I get images? For many marketing experts, bloggers and business owners, this is probably the most difficult part of the process. It is as clear as day that you need high quality, professional looking and attractive pictures.

The downside, however, is that buying stock images is quite expensive, making your entire production cycle even more expensive, and downloading random images from the Internet can result in poor quality and legal issues. A great option that deserves your full consideration is to resort to free stock images for commercial use. Either way, it’s worth a try and then you can decide on your next steps.

Size matters

Any compromise, the quality of the images is not a problem for the end of the story. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. People access web content from different devices and in different settings, meaning their internet connection is not always so good. When you use very large images, the page may take a long time to load. And do you think that everyone will be patiently waiting for this to happen?

Unfortunately, many users are more likely to continue surfing the net on certain other websites. The advice is to keep your photos as small as possible without sacrificing their quality. In addition, your page load time plays an important role in determining how your site will be ranked, so this is a win-win situation.

Add color.

When it comes to color techniques, the right pictures for you are the ones that can easily provide the element of contrast. The point is, visuals are always mixed with text, and reading after a line of black and white text quickly becomes boring. Your job here is to incorporate vivid and visual stimuli through images, and to achieve this you must choose colorful, contrasting images. There is no doubt that they can enlighten any user and keep them compatible.


Some may say that charts, diagrams and comparison tables are only for business performance reports. There is some truth in this, but only when it comes to the use of very detailed and sophisticated infographics. If you decide to use something more general, it can strengthen your content strategy. Consumers have many brands to choose from. And some clear statistics and quantitative product details can be the factor that will make them prefer your brand over their competitors. On the bright side, infographics are rather self-contained, so they don’t need any additional content.


The social aspect of your visual strategy is becoming more and more important. Universal design is synonymous with comprehensive design. So it’s about products and services that serve as many people as possible, leaving no one behind. And it’s just as good for you as it is for your target audience because engagement increases the reach of your brand. In terms of images, make sure your images show people of all skin colors, body types, physical and mental health conditions and conditions.


Optimized balanced visual content ensures high website engagement, wide spread of brand identity and loyalty, as well as increased customer confidence. All methods work according to one solution here, so there are many strategies for website content that are effective and efficient. The point is, as long as you have a solid strategy, it’s easy to create compelling content that promotes your business.

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