Weather: Snow is expected as the Met Office predicts low temperatures and frost

Freezing weather is set to hit the country over the next few days with the onset of winter.

Weather experts expect temperatures to drop over the next few days, with rain and sleet in the UK.

Some forecasters predicted snow, according to a report from woman.

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Winter conditions could arrive early tonight (November 21), with the Met Office predicting “widespread frost.”

Their forecast for this evening reads: “Increasingly cloudy in the north with a few patches of light rain or drizzle. Clear skies in the south allow for widespread frost formation and a few spots of fog.”

And while the weather is dry by the minute, this could change as the week goes on.

Extremely hot rain is forecast in southern UK by Wednesday, which could last into Friday.

The BBC’s forecaster, Sarah Keith Lucas, said the weather would only get worse in the coming days, the Mirror newspaper reported.

“It’s gotten much colder over the weekend, November has been a mild month so far, but things are about to change now,” she said.

Full 5-day forecast


Many places get dry with plenty of sun after a cold start. Little rain affects the east and southeast coasts of England. It turns milder and more cloudy across northern Scotland with little to no light rain or drizzle in places.


Increasingly cloudy in the north with a few patches of light rain or drizzle. Clear skies in the south allow for extensive frost formation and few fog spots.


The cloud will spread north to south across the UK, with little drizzle over the coasts and hills. The sunny skies may have persisted across southern England.

Forecasts from Wednesday to Friday:

It settled with fog in the southeast at first. Rain spread south, with sunrise and violent showers, and winter in the north. Unsettled for most of Friday, winter in the North.

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