‘We knew Jimmy Savile was abusing young girls, but we kept quiet because he brought in huge money,’ a hospital worker admitted

A decade after Jimmy Savile’s death, a hospital worker has admitted that the TV presenter’s desire for little girls has been covered up by his charitable work.

Speaking in a new documentary, David Brett, a former Leeds hospital worker, said officials had ridiculed Savile’s Children’s sexual preference But he did nothing about it because it would affect the money from his donations.


David Brett claims his classmates used to joke about Savile’s liking for young girls
The children's TV presenter was downright known to fantasize about young children


The children’s TV presenter was downright known to fantasize about young childrenCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

Jimmy was a DJ from 1958 until 1997 and had several stints as a TV host. Hundreds of allegations of abuse did not surface until after his death in 2011.

Speaking of Jimmy Savile: The People Who Knew, David, the former Chief Administrative Services Officer at Leeds General Infirmary, said: “No one has ever directly discussed Savile sexual orientation, but they used to allude to certain things and say, “He looks at that girl that way.

“There would be some nursing students, about 17 or 18, and people would say ‘Jimmy looks at them’ and someone else would say ‘No, they’ll need 10 years to get rid of them for him to be interested'”

“It was very clear that he entered very young girls. “

He added, “I’ve heard many times that Jimmy Savile is referred to as a ‘little violinist’ or ‘little violinist.’ It was always an insulting thing.”

During his lifetime, Savile had 24 hour access to Leeds General Infirmary and even had his own office there.

David claims that Savile’s fundraising power has stopped him from being whistled.

He claimed: “Fundraising had a lot to do with the reasons why people didn’t speak up.

“He was making a lot of money, he was a very big name, and losing him meant losing money from the various charities he was supporting, so if someone had whistled at him, the others would have suffered.

“I think the hospital administration was well aware of what was going on but they kept quiet.”

The host of the Top of the Pops is understood to have misused 60 patients and staff In Leeds – 19 of them are children.

Savile is believed to have abused hundreds of employees and patients between the ages of 5 and 75 at hospitals including Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital.

His crimes didn’t become known to the public until 2012 thanks to an ITV documentary about him sexual violence A year after his death.

It was alleged that major BBC figures kept the matter a secret.

“There was such a sharp amount of breathing as if God had come in,” David said, recalling Savile’s visit to the hospital.

Dr Phil Wood, Chief Medical Officer of Leeds Teaching Hospitals, said: “At the time of our independent investigation, we have made it clear that we are deeply saddened by Jimmy Savile’s actions while involved with our hospitals in Leeds. This remains true.

“The official report of the independent investigation showed that over the years there had been individuals concerned about Savile’s behaviour. The investigation showed that there was no evidence that these concerns had been escalated to VIPs in the secretariat to act on, and there was no evidence of any written complaints identified either.

“We have not reported any additional evidence since the investigation report was published.

“Protecting our patients, staff and the general public from harm is our highest priority, and since the report was published in 2014, we have made recommendations to learn from what happened.

“We are incredibly proud of our confidence today and how our culture has improved beyond recognition. The way hospitals operate in Leeds today is very different from the accounts included in the investigation report, with a much greater focus now on security and protection and raising concerns.”

“We continue to regret the ordeal endured by the victims of Savile and their families, and we thank them for being brave enough to share their stories.”

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Jimmy is believed to have abused around 450 children and adults


Jimmy is believed to have abused around 450 children and adultsCredit: PA: Press Association
His sexual orientation did not become known to the public until after his death


His sexual orientation did not become known to the public until after his deathCredit: Rex Features

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