“We didn’t really respect”; Marist students protest act of aggression at homecoming – CBS Chicago

Chicago (CBS) – High school students in Chicago protest after this video went viral.

Show a group of children kneeling in the middle of the floor at a homecoming dance for Marist High School.

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CBS 2’s Mari Saavedra reports from Mount Greenwood, with some students calling it a sign of disrespect.

The issue of taking the knee was one thing, but the context of its occurrence was another. It was enough that about twenty students of color staged a protest on Tuesday to express the hurt they had suffered.

Lunchtime exit at Marist High School. A group of students protesting what they call an offensive move in their high school dance.

“What happened on Saturday, I feel like we didn’t really respect.”

CBS 2 is jamming a video taken by Marist student Elizabeth Pacheco to protect students’ privacy. It captures the moment at homecoming this weekend when some classmates, many of them white, hit their knees during a song sung in Spanish.

“For them to kneel, which stands for racial inequality and racial injustice, for them to do it for a song that is not only in their language, it was very frustrating to see them,” said student Maya Trevino.

The group is demanding consequences, which Marist employees acknowledged in a statement on its website. She said they are “fully investigating the events and will handle them appropriately.”

“I am confident that it will be dealt with and that it will be dealt with.”

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Maria Muniz is the mother of a new student who fears that a bad idea in dance has turned into something bigger than it should be.

“I’m just worried that this will create a partition that doesn’t exist,” Muniz said.

She said that her son was not subjected to racism in the Marist community.

“I’m talking about my experience too. I don’t deny the experience these ladies have had,” Muniz said.

However, she believes that school staff can and will hold those responsible to account. But these high school students said they don’t. So they went back outside as the school let them out to make sure their feelings were heard.

“What we want is to make a formal apology to these students and to teach them why this is wrong,” Trevino said.

In a statement posted to Twitter on Tuesday night, school officials said the students knelt during the other songs and were dancing during the other songs released in Spanish languages. The DJ at the event told school officials that people often kneel or bow to signal the DJ to change the song.

Although these are the facts, we are aware that there are still students in Marist who saw this video or were at the Homecoming Dance who were hurt by these actions,” the statement said. Marist is a family, and when one of us suffers, we all suffer. Students who left the Homecoming Dance affected by what they witnessed show us that there is work to be done.”

The statement went on to detail some of the inclusion policies that have been implemented at the school.

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Parents tell CBS 2 that the school has sent several emails promising action on the matter.


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