“We are masters of our own destiny”

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“We are masters of our own destiny”

The astonishing Roberto Mancini speech that inspired Italy to win the Euro 2020 final has been revealed.

A video clip that gave fans an interior view of the Italian dressing room before Wembley’s match against England shows the very kind manager talking to his men with a smile and telling them: “We are the masters of your destiny.”


Mancini has been shining since he took over Italy

Mancini has worked wonders in the role given that when the former Manchester City boss took charge of the national team in 2018, the Azzurri were in turmoil.

They failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1958 under Gian Piero Ventura, a team hypothetical tragedy Four times world champions.

But Mancini changed everything – and it’s easy to see the reason for the referee from his team’s talk before the Euro 2020 final.

Before Winning on penaltiesThe Italy coach gave a classy and inspiring speech to motivate his team at Wembley.

You can look at a clip from the speech below…

After naming the key player, Mancini turned to the players with a wry smile on his face, saying, “So, I have nothing to say.

“You know what you are. We are not here by chance.

“We are the masters of our destiny. It is not the referee, nor the opponents, nor anyone else. OK?

“You know what you have to do.”

It certainly did the job for Italy, who struggled from Luke Shaw’s early goal to move the match into overtime, and took the lead from their boss as they kept their nerves in the penalty shootout for the win.

It was a heartbreaking result for England, who have so far delivered in the tournament and given the nation much to celebrate.

And the man who wasn’t really happy with the result, and Mancini’s success, was former England and Manchester City defender Wayne Bridge, who admitted his “hatred” of the former City manager.

Former Man City defender Wayne Bridge is not a fan of ex-Mancini


Former Man City defender Wayne Bridge is not a fan of ex-Mancini

“It really hurt me because I hate Mancini, and everyone knows I don’t like him,” Bridge said. the bet The big stage.

“What he did was good, and it hurts to stay. Not only were my family cheering for England, they cheered Mancini’s loss, so it hurt us more.

“I never got him as a manager. All credit for what he did at Manchester City when they won the league, so City fans will love him, but if you look at the players and the team he had, that’s what he won, not as a coach.

“I disagreed with him. I was there for a few months and we did really well but I didn’t enjoy training at all.

Mancini was the mastermind of Italy's return to the top, as the Azzurri were crowned European champions for a second time.


Mancini was the mastermind of Italy’s return to the top, as the Azzurri were crowned European champions for a second time.

“We teamed up against crossbars and as a kicker we were told ‘You pass it to him or him, if you pass it there, run that way, if you pass it to him then go this way,’ you have two options and that was it and playing against crossbars is not football.

“[Craig] Bellamy was trying to ask ‘what would happen if this happened in a game’ and Mancini would say ‘shut up, be quiet’ and eventually sent him home and wouldn’t send him back to training.

“As a manager, I really don’t understand that.”


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