Watch SNL’s hits on Machine Gun Kelly Talk on The Tonight Show

Some dude named Colson Baker appeared The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night. Machine Gun Kelly sometimes uses his birth name these days, because “Nickelodeon and Disney don’t like ‘Machine Gun’,” he said. Machine Gun Coulson gave the interview wearing a Jennifer’s body T-shirt, in honor of the most somewhat devious romance of our lives. The interview really shed light on the way Kelly and Fallon treat the same dude, separated by time. Likes loper But less violent and with more anecdotes. First, they both know Cameron Crowe. Second, Baker mentioned that one of his favorite songs growing up was “Snowball Fight” from Fallon’s debut album. Third, Fallon was excited about how awesome it was that Baker opened the door on his new movie. He said that in college, he had a playlist of songs that would be nice to open doors for. Number one was “Misty Mountain Hop” Led Zeppelin. “Awesome,” MGK said. Baker also told stories of injuring himself trying to impress Post Malone, gf Megan, and Saturday Night Live viewing audience.

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