Watch Blac Chyna take off on a fan at the airport, tell woman to vaccinate (video)

A meeting with fan Blac Chyna pushed her to the brink this weekend at an airport in Miami.

The reality star was recorded yelling at a woman who allegedly asked her for a picture on Sunday because she was in an airport lounge. TMZ reports.

In the video, Blac Chyna in what looks like a blue or purple ombre wig and colorful outfit is seen standing at the station with her bodyguards yelling at someone for a vaccine and “Stop being stupid,” h*! “

Chyna took off when witnesses said a woman carrying a baby went up to her to ask for the photo, which is when Blac Chyna allegedly started screaming about how to better vaccinate the woman as she approached.

Towards the end of the video, Blac Chyna started talking about where she belongs and where she has street cred. Those around her were shocked by her reaction to the woman.

You can watch a clip from the incident below:

If you can’t figure out Blac Chyna’s overall position on getting vaccinated or not getting vaccinated, Chyna is definitely vaccinated.

She was shot earlier this year during her show live. Although some people questioned why she wasn’t wearing a mask while yelling at the woman.

“She doesn’t even wear a mask,” said one of his roommates.

“Why are you screaming without a mask????” asked another.

Then there were others who defended Chyna in position.

“Stay away from the faces of these celebrities, they are people first,” said one roommate.

Even Jocelyn Hernandez was in tune with her two years. “Baby sometimes people make you so upset that you’re like this who I’m going for.”

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