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Was Pfizer CEO, Albert Burla Arrested? Here’s how unfounded claims turn out

Do you get your news from Beaver, conservative beaver website, that is? Well, the Canada-based website included a file “Beaver Exclusive” claims That Pfizer CEO Albert Burla was arrested on November 5 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on fraud charges. Beaver Exclusive claimed that police ordered a “media blackout” of the event and that a judge approved such an order.

dam. These are some of the main claims from Beaver Exclusive. What kind of fraud is Borla specifically supposed to have committed? Well, Beaver Exclusive reported that “Bourla is facing fraud charges for his role in deceiving customers about the effectiveness of a Covid-19 vaccine. Pfizer is accused of falsifying data and paying large bribes.” Notice how Beaver Exclusive put the word pollen in quotation marks. As previously covered for ForbesPeople and social media accounts against Covid-19 vaccines have been claiming that Covid-19 vaccines are not really vaccines, even though they meet vaccine standards. Also, “exclusive” didn’t really specify who wrote the piece, unless the person’s first name was “Beaver” and the last name was “exclusive”.

Beaver Exclusive continued by saying, “According to an FBI agent who spoke to conservative beaverPfizer lied about the effectiveness of the vaccines, and deceived customers about the dangerous side effects that vaccines can produce. Pfizer is accused of paying governments and the mainstream media to keep quiet.”

This is quite a hairy pose that a beaver depicts. Social media accounts, including many anonymous accounts, have begun sharing Beaver, a Beaver Exclusive. For example, there have been posts like the following on Twitter:

And allegations of a “media blackout” like this tweet:

There is one small problem with all this beaver fever. Beaver Exclusive has not provided any actual facts and evidence, as you know, to support its claims. What exactly are lies? Who was bribed and for what reason? Has anyone made any statements besides an anonymous FBI agent? Were there photos or videos of the arrest?

In fact, on the same day, November 5, Burla appeared on various TV shows such as the next part on CNBC:

You see, Burla didn’t say he couldn’t answer more questions because he’s under arrest. You didn’t see the FBI in the background removing everything either.

Dan Yvonne writes for snobs He said Beaver Exclusive “is not a real news article. conservative beaver It publishes a mixture of news commentary and conspiratorial hoaxes.” This is the same site that Posted by Titled “Pilot Takes Vaccine, Suffers Heart Complications, Then Plane Crash in Ocean,” Colin Powell Died of COVID Vaccine, Doctor Warns: “Don’t Get Vaccines!” ,” and “Biden announces internment camps for unvaccinated people, will open in 2022.” Take a wild guess for the position he represents. conservative beaver He takes a Covid-19 vaccine.

As for the supposed “media blackout”, it is not clear who might have received such an order or warrant. Anyone who thinks that such a media blackout will happen in the United States does not understand how legitimate media works in this country. It would be very difficult for anyone to suppress a big story such as the arrest of a great public figure or a vaccine with significant side effects. Almost every legitimate reporter would scramble to be the first to report such news if it actually happened. Was the claim of a “media blackout” a way to justify why this news was only in Beaver, in the sense that it was only in Beaver exclusives?

Certainly, it is important to monitor what pharmaceutical companies may do. For example, during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, pharmaceutical companies have been criticized for not making Covid-19 vaccines more available to low-income populations, especially after receiving significant funds from the government to continue developing and distributing vaccines. Financial negotiations between the Trump administration and drug companies in 2020 could have been more transparent, too.

Clearly, questions about the pharmaceutical industry predate the epidemic. High drug prices have been a constant concern. Therefore, investment in research and development has decreased compared to what is going on in the marketing of existing drugs. Then, there are drug commercials on TV that may convince you that you have various medical problems and list the side effects of the drugs as if they were the end of the credits. Lord of the rings triple. Ironically, a major concern has been the pharmaceutical industry’s disregard for preventative measures such as vaccines and too much focus on “lifestyle drugs” such as Viagra with higher profit margins. In addition to, As I wrote before ForbesConcerns have arisen about contaminants in medicines.

However, corporate surveillance is not just “manipulating it” to discredit vaccines. Covid-19 vaccines have come under much more scrutiny than many other products from drug and supplement companies and other “health products” companies. So focusing anti-vaccination accounts on vaccines rather than a broader range of drugs and supplements is odd.

Looks like this Beaver Exclusive may have been all wet. There is currently no real evidence of Burla’s arrest or a subsequent “media blackout”. You may also want to be careful about where you click when it comes to Beaver Exclusive:

In general, when you see anything on social media or the internet brought up as news, check the sources. Make sure it’s a legitimate news outlet before you leave it to the Beaver Exclusive.


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