Warren Buffett’s AAPL Mistake Costs Berkshire Hathaway B18B

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Warren Buffett’s AAPL Mistake Costs Berkshire Hathaway B18B

Earlier, billionaire investors had admitted that selling some of the party’s shares at the end of last year was “probably a mistake”, Warren Buffett’s AAPL mistake cost Berkshire Hathaway ڈالر 18 billion.

AAPL closed at a record high yesterday, with Berkshire’s 146B worth of pre-sale shares seen.

Business Insider Note that 12% of sales reduced the holding value to 128 128B.

Warren Buffett’s Apple price hit 128 128 billion on Wednesday, with iPhone maker’s stock closing at a record high. Investors have more than tripled Apple in the last three years. But if he hadn’t sold a portion of the holding, he would have quadrupled.

Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway party spent 36 36 billion between 2016 and mid-2018 to acquire Apple’s equivalent of 1 billion shares, valued at 14 146 billion today. In recent years, however, Buffett has acquired about 12% of the stock.

Buffett sold 9.81 million shares at the end of 2020, admitting in May that his decision was against the advice of Berkshire VP Charlie Manger.

It was probably a mistake. Charlie told me in his usual way that he had made a mistake. It’s an unusual business. [Tim Cook] Steve Jobs could not do what he could in terms of creation, but Steve Jobs could not do what Tim Cook has done in many respects.

However, everything is relative. The fund is definitely not hurtful, and we will need to know the return on investment from the money raised from AAPL to determine the true value of the move.

Buffett began as an APL expert, stating that technology was a dangerous field, and that he could not understand the business well enough to predict its future potential. He later changed his mind, explaining that he now views the company with as much brand loyalty as a consumer or fashion brand. By 2018, he had completely changed his position, announcing that he would buy the company directly if he could.

Buffett said his company currently owns about 55% of Apple stock, and wants to own more: it “likes to own 100% of it.”

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