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good morning. It is my pleasure to greet you on the Friday after Thanksgiving, at the dawn of a warm season, here in the waning days of the year. I usually write to readers of the Times via Newsletter at home and abroadFor months, I’ve been thinking about ways we can live a full, cultural life during the pandemic.

I started working with a group of Times journalists in the early days of the lockdown, trying to piece together ideas and inspiration to help you navigate a world that has suddenly changed in almost every way. Twice a week I collect recommendations from my peers and readers to pass the time in abundance wherever I am. Today, I’m here to offer some suggestions on how to spend the weekend after eating.

The day after Thanksgiving is one of the in-between days that the holiday season gives us: a day off for many from work, but not the day that really matters. It’s a day when you choose your own adventure, whether your own adventure consists of Black Friday shopping (maybe Plant-Based Gift Guide Will it inspire you?), with one 100 outstanding books of 2021, and adventure to see Paul Thomas Anderson’s new movie, “Licorice Pizza” or do something else.

I’m a fan of hibernating after Thanksgiving in slippers and sweat, and swirling around the kitchen, looming leftovers. It’s the perfect weekend to broadcast something you’ve been meaning to catch. (The final season of “Insecure”? Rebecca Hall’s directorial debut, “Passing”? “Cowboy Bebop” – either the original animated series or the new live-action version?) But if you’ve enjoyed the life experience, I hear you, and I encourage you to be safe Abroad. We house cats will take care of the stove until your return.

The holidays, in Norman Rockwell’s version, are rosy cheeks, and hugs are all over. This is of course not always the case. If this weekend brings you the welcome of emptying a super full house, or if it’s the first time you’ve loosened your jaw in a week or if you’re feeling down after another bewildering year, you’re not alone. My friends and family have used the vague and blanket phrase “it’s a lot” to describe how we’ve been feeling lately. explains what is happening without going into details; It’s unmarked but readable, well, for everyone.

Whatever you’re having this weekend, I hope you’re safe and warm, that you’re able to relax a bit, and that you can connect and connect with the people you love. I hope you have leftovers (more on that below from my colleague Sanam Yar), and if you’re traveling, I hope your trip is headache free. Thanks for making room for me at your table.

  • South African scientists have found a new variant Travel restrictions from the countries of the region. that it It is too early to tell How well vaccines work against it.

  • retail industry fight vaccine mandate for her workers before the holidays.

  • It is possible that some things and practices that were born in lockdown mode (eg masks and QR codes) will remain. Other (“touchless door opener”) Less than that.

If you’re lucky enough to own a mountain of Thanksgiving leftovers, a world of possibilities await that go beyond the standard turkey sandwich. (Although if you still want one, do it Elina Rose Sandwich – A delicious and delicious mixture named after the Cuban socialite who invented it.)

maybe you want leftover enchiladas pie, Which may sound a little strange, but it is easy to prepare and delicious. Turkey also makes way for modified versions of tikka masalaAnd green mole or fuCourtesy of Samin Nusrat. For other sandwiches, Melissa Clark recommends cuban turkey or healthy pitas.

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