Want to be a graphic or web designer? Check out these 13 training courses

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Want to be a graphic or web designer? Check out these 13 training courses

Learn how to design in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD and Affinity Designer, how to create a business website without coding and much more.

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You don’t have to cut your salary to keep a balance in a better work life – maybe try a new career. Creatives who want to enter the lucrative tech industry should check out this limited time offer on the Ultimate Track to Design Training Bundle. You can train at your own pace with these affordable classes, and you don’t need any prior design experience or knowledge to get started.

The classes in this training bundle cover multiple platforms, but a good place to start might be how to build a professional website without coding. You will learn how to use Oxygen Builder to create any type of website you want.

If you feel you need help with art or drawing skills, this training bundle includes three courses that you will find useful. How to Find Your Art Style: A one-handed guide focuses on practical rather than theoretical lessons. Complete Character Design Course: Create the character of your dreams and give your characters emotions: Impressions Drawing will also give you a lot of practice step by step.

Adobe is synonymous with design in practice, so several classes starting with Adobe Photoshop CC are included: Basic Photoshop Training Previous drawing classes can be used in Drawing to Pattern in Adobe Illustrator: a master class, designed for all levels of experience.

Learn web design, branding, logos, book covers and much more with the Adobe and Master Popular Graphic Design Projects Digital Design Master Class for Graphic Designers. User experience design with Adobe XD Adobe XD will make you an expert in professional level user experience design. Make it all through an fun course on how to design retro badges in Adobe Alexander.

If you choose to use Affinity Designer instead of Adobe, three classes in this bundle will take you from beginner to expert: Affinity Designer Basics. Zero to Superhero, Affinity Designer Master Class Web Design, and Affinity Designer Master Class Modern Flat Design.

Make 2021 the year you need to learn your skills to change your career, or start your own business. Learn the Ultimate to design a training bundle today for just ڈالر 44.99, which is 98% off the 6 2,600 price tag.

Prices are subject to change.

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