Walmart Xbox Series X Restack is falling today.

Anyone still looking for the Xbox Series X Restack needs to check out Walmart for a new drop later today, August 25th!

If you’re still looking for Xbox Series X, we can’t blame you. However, finding next-generation consoles is still difficult, even a year after launch.

Thankfully, we have another shot on the new Xbox today, August 25th. According to a Walmart representative, the new Xbox series X / S consoles will be falling immediately.

Xbox Series X
(Source: Xbox)

But don’t worry if today is not your day! We’ve got news of all the Walmart drops coming here this week:

Xbox Series X / S Restack: Best Buy, Anton Line, Microsoft, Walmart, and Expect Further Decline This Week – August 23-29

Walmart Xbox Series X Drop – August 25.

Walmart seems to have new Xbox series X consoles with each passing week, and August 25 is our next drop date.

According to new reports, the latest Walmart Xbox series will be re-stocked today. A post on the Xbox Series XSubridate shows the user Final_Prominence talking to a Walmart customer service agent.

According to a Walmart employee, a certified Xbox Series X is being restored on August 25, although no date has been set yet. Our last Wal-Mart drop went live on PT at 6pm, so we expect a similar drop later today.

Walmart Restock
(Source: Walmart)

However, keep in mind that it seems that Walmart is closing the consoles recently without sending past orders. Buying a console from a major retailer can lead to a significant wait before you actually receive the device.

That said, getting an Xbox Series X is ultimately better than not getting one! And although gamers have reported that they’ve been waiting weeks for the Xbox to arrive at Walmart, it’s a good idea to finally secure your next-generation console.

Interestingly, it seems that Walmart has Xbox consoles that can be sold in stores in certain areas! Check your local store regularly to avoid disappointment.

Earlier this year, we were promised that the shortage of Xbox series X / S was almost over. But right now, we’re definitely starting to question those claims.

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