Vivaldi 5.0 for Android brings two rows of tabs.

Vivaldi today released its browser v5.0 for Android. The big change in this version is the introduction of double tab bars, borrowed from the desktop version of the app.

With two tabbars, users can now place one row for the tab stack and another row for the tabs inside. Stacks allow the user to combine a group of related tabs and then you can rotate between stacks instead of individual tabs. You can drag tabs on top of each other to create tab stacks.

You can also manage the appearance of tabs. You can disable the X button to close all tabs except the current tab. That way, the X button doesn’t take up valuable space on the background tabs. You can also choose to shrink all open tabs to their favicon size, which saves even more space.

Vivaldi 5.0 also enhances support for Android tablets. Like desktop browsers, tablet users can now activate panels, which appear on the left, and provide instant access to functions such as bookmarks, history, notes, etc. Speaking of notes, this feature is now also available on Android, so you can save notes in a browser for later access.

Finally, the update also brings dark mode to websites. When you toggle this feature, the browser automatically changes the background color of the site to black, making it easier on the eyes. This setting is saved on a per site basis.

Now you can download the new Vivaldi 5.0 from the Play Store.


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