Video: St. Louis drivers caught in flash floods today

The National Weather Service has announced a flash flood warning for St. Louis, and of course, some drivers have learned that their cars aren’t a suitable means of transportation for flooding in the worst possible way.

In the middle of the West End, many cars were stranded on the flooded roads of Lyndale Street; A video clip shared by NWS meteorologist Matt Beecher showed three cars stuck in central Lindell between the intersections of Sarah Street and Vandeventer Street.

To be fair, Beecher’s video also captured a Jeep I did They managed to cross the river/street, but this exception did not help motorists already stranded due to their decision-making.

while, St. Louis Post-Dispatch Photographer David Carson was on hand to capture the scene in Webster Groves, where The heavy rain left about a foot of water As of three o’clock in the afternoon, according to the newspaper report.

Indeed, some motorists sought to defy the laws of common sense and tried to control through an improvised entrance – and It didn’t go well.

In retweeting Carson’s footage, the National Weather Service reminded passengers, “If you come across a road that looks like this on your evening commute, turn around, don’t drown people!”

While the rains have largely subsided, the area remains under a flood warning until 6 p.m. Flood alert is still in effect Until 7:15 p.m. for parts of St. Louis County and St. Charles County.

So, St. Louis, stay dry out there – and don’t try boating in a boat!

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