Video: Adam Wainwright spotted serving food at Vigil outside the trial of Ahmaud Arbery

The Cardinals have the best players in the league. That’s undisputed, but if you need a clue, look no further than bowler Adam Wainwright.

We’re not talking about scores or rates, but about how our players consistently give back and take care of their community; This week, Wainwright returned to his hometown of Brunswick, Georgia, where he was seen serving food for a vigil outside The trial of Ahmed Arbery.

The trial takes place in Glenn County, where Wainwright hails from, It’s been over a week now. A jury is considering murder charges for three men who in early 2020 chased an unarmed Arbery in a truck as he was out for a jog, eventually confronting and killing him. The incident was partially recorded on camera, sparking outrage at the long delay in bringing criminal charges against the three men, who they alleged acted in self-defence.

Georgians stand vigil outside the courtroom as they await the jury’s verdict. In the video, which was taken on November 18, you see Wainwright along with other food stall workers talking and joking with a woman about his childhood. Wainwright chirp It was “a great time spent today with great people”.

Others praised Wainwright for his service work, including members of the Cardinal Nation who said there was “no better person in MLB” and that they were “proud that he’s Redbird.”

Wainwright is also the founder of a non-profit organization Big League Effect. The nonprofit raises money for various causes, such as food insecurity, education, and donations to social justice efforts such as Arch City Defenders.

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