Verizon’s “Custom Experience” is to collect data in disguise.

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Verizon emailed users about a new program called “Custom Experience”, which the company pretends to collect all kinds of data from you to help it provide more relevant information. All is well and good, but the program is opt-out, which means you are enrolled by default.

Input first spotted a Verizon email about the program, and basically, it’s the company that tells customers they’re enrolling in the carrier’s “custom experience.” This means that Verizon uses all kinds of information about you, including the websites you visit and the apps you use.

On its FAQ page, Verizon states, “Custom Experience uses information about the websites you visit and about the apps you use on your mobile device so that we know your interests. Help determine, such as ‘sports enthusiasts’ or ‘outdoor enthusiasts’. “

Don’t worry, the company says, “We strive to eliminate the use of websites that may be sensitive in nature. For example, we use filters that include adult content, health conditions, Websites designed to exclude sexual orientation and other related websites.

How good it is for Verizon to “try” to avoid websites that you may not want to know about the company. Of course, trying means the firm can fail and visit every one of your websites, including sensitive ones.

There’s also “Custom Experience Plus” which gives Verizon even more access. Verizon states that it includes “device location information that we obtain from the Verizon network and from the Verizon apps that allow you to collect locations for these purposes, regarding your Verizon Fios services.” Information and customer-owned network information. “

Verizon says it does not sell information to third-party advertisers. Instead, the information is for Verizon purposes only. “We do not share information that identifies you outside of Verizon as part of these programs, except with the service providers who work for us. Need to be used for the purposes that Verizon defines and not for their own or others’ marketing or advertising purposes, “reads the FAQ.

A version of this program has been around for some time, as Verizon introduced something called “Verizon Selects”, which took up most of that data but was third party ads. “Verizon Custom Experience Plus is the new name for our Verizon Selects program. Frequently Asked Questions below indicate that Custom Experience Plus uses the same information it selects, but no longer supports third party advertising.” The company’s website says.

The biggest problem with this program is that it is opt-out. If you are on Verizon, you are enrolled in “Custom Experience” by default. “You will be part of the Custom Experiments program as long as you do not opt ​​out. You can opt out using the Privacy Preferences page on the My Verizon site or the Privacy Settings page within the My Verizon app. Yes, “says Verizon.

It’s easy to opt out of the Verizon app, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to opt out. Log in with your account and uncheck the boxes with “Custom Experience” and “Custom Experience Plus” to prevent Verizon from seeing everything you do with your phone.

We strongly recommend that you opt out, as there is no reason why you should want your wireless carrier to see so much about your work.

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