Verizon is automatically tracking subscribers. Here’s how you can opt out.

Verizon is automatically tracking subscribers.  Here's how you can opt out.

Correction: Verizon no longer owns Yahoo. It was part of the Verizon Media Group, which was sold to Apollo by September 1.

Verizon has recently been sending out emails to consumers announcing its new custom experience programs that are telling them about it. These programs allow the country’s largest wireless carrier to track the location of devices, your calling phone numbers and more. And to end this, the company is automatically enrolling its subscribers in the programs.

How to opt out of Verizon’s Custom Experience and Custom Experience Plus programs.

It doesn’t look right, it does. However, you can easily opt out of the Custom Experience program, say Enter, and we’ll show you how to do it. First, open the My Verizon app and tap on the Settings gear icon at the top right of the screen. Under the Preferences heading, tap Manage Privacy Settings and select the phone number you want to opt out of the program.

Next, toggle Custom Experience and Custom Experience Plus. It will take you two attempts to log out of each. Depending on the carrier, Custom Experience helps Verizon personalize its conversations with you so that it can give you more relevant recommendations when it comes to wireless plans, and which phones you should consider buying. ۔ It also helps Verizon develop plans and services that may seem more attractive to you.

To do so, Carrier says it “uses information about the websites you visit and the apps you use on your mobile device to help us ‘love sports.’ Help us better understand your interests, such as ‘Wale’ or ‘Outdoor Passion’. We protect your information and use it only for Verizon purposes; We sell the information used in the program to others. Don’t use them for your own advertising. “

Custom Experience Plus not only uses information about your websites and the apps you use, but also includes device location and customer proprietary network information (CPNI), including the phone number you call or Call you to help you understand your interests. For example, Verizon may use this data to determine if you are a “game lover” or a “gamer.” Like the non-plus version of Custom Experience that we mentioned above, Verizon states that under federal law, it must protect your information and use it only for Verizon purposes.

Verizon says you should opt in to participate in the Custom Experience Plus program, even though it was toggled to the author’s phone line without permission. You do not need to opt in to enable the non-plus custom experience, but you can opt out. However, we are curious and do not fully understand how a carrier can automatically enroll you in a plan in which you need to opt in to participate.

Verizon says it shares account, device and profile data related to your Verizon account to third party firms.

The same page where you can opt out of Custom Experience and Custom Experience Plus, including customized experience settings and identity verification settings. On the next page, tap the previous and reset buttons at the bottom of the screen, and Verizon will stop using web browsing and location data that it collected as part of earlier programs.

Tap on the identity verification settings and toggle “Subscribe” and you will opt out of a program that allows Verizon to provide specific account, device, and profile data related to your Verizon account to third parties. Gives. The company says this information is used to verify your identity and to protect against identity theft and account takeovers. Verizon warns you that “by opting out, your information will not be sent to the companies requesting the information. This may interfere with third party services or may not work.”

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