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Venmo removed its global, public feed in a major app design – TechCrunch

PayPal’s proprietary payment app Venmo will not offer public, global feeds of user transactions, as it focuses on enhancing the app’s privacy controls and better highlighting some of Venmo’s new features. Is part of an important design. The company says that instead it will only show users their “friend food” – the app’s social feed where you can only view your friends’ transactions.

Venmo has struggled for years to balance the desire of its peers to add a social element to Pierre’s payments network, allowing consumers to be offered their privacy.

A few years ago, the company was forced to resolve a complaint with the FTC to address privacy disclosures in the app, among other issues related to the security and privacy of user transactions. One of the problems at the time was the setting that made all transactions public by default – a feature that the FTC said was not being properly understood by consumers. As part of the settlement, Venmo had to inform both new and existing customers how to limit the visibility of their transactions, in addition to their changes.

However, Venmo has been pursuing privacy issues for years. Recently, BuzzFeed News, for example, has been able to track down President Biden’s secret Venmo account, for example, because Venmo has no privacy on his friend lists. Since then, the company has developed a friendlist privacy control to address this issue.

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In the new updated app, Venmo will still highlight this friend list privacy setting so users can choose whether they want to display their profile in other people’s friends lists. Users will still be able to remove or add contacts from their friend list at any time, block people and set the privacy of their transactions when they are only published to the public, private or friends. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Instead, public transactions are only visible to a user’s non-friend when a person goes directly to their profile.

The company says that in addition to the privacy changes, Venmo’s new design aims to make it easier for people to discover new features of the app.

Now, a new navigation option below will allow users to toggle between their social feed, Venmo products such as Venmo Card and Crypto, and their personal profile. The newly created “Cards” section will allow Venmo credit and debit cardholders to manage their cards and access their rewards and offers, as before. Meanwhile, the “Crypto” tab allows users to learn and research the world of crypto, see real-time trends, and buy, sell, or keep a variety of cryptocurrencies.

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Venmo added support for crypto earlier this year, following a move by parent company PayPal to do the same, and now offers access to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Earlier, the option appeared as a small button at the bottom of the screen with a “Pay or Request” button, giving Venmo a sense of clutter.

The updated app will also include support for new payment types and extended purchase concerns, which Venmo announced last month, and said it would arrive on July 20. Customers will now be able to indicate whether their purchase is for “goods and services” or when they make a transaction with the seller, which will enable the plan to protect the transaction from Venmo’s purchase. – Even if the seller does not have a proper “business” account.

As it now charges sellers a fee of 1.9% plus 10%, there were some reactions from consumers who either misunderstood the changes or did not like them. But the move could help boost Venmo’s revenue.

PayPal said in February that Venmo had increased the number of users by 32% to 70 million active accounts by 2020, and expects the app to generate about 900 900 million in revenue this year – possibly Thanks to this and other new initiatives, such as its corrupt transaction fees.

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Beyond further practical changes and privacy updates, Venmo’s new design itself modernizes the look and feel of the app, which was a bit dated and overly busy. As Venmo expanded its services, the hamburger (three-line) menu in the upper right of the older version of such an app was transformed into a long list of options and settings. Now he is gone. The app uses new iconography, an updated font and lots of white space to make it feel fresh and clean.

App changes themselves also reduce the importance of social feeds to some extent. Although it can still be defaulted from this tab, other options will now fit to their own tabs instead of being hidden in menus or small buttons.

Venmo says the redesigned Venmo app will launch today for users to choose from and will be available to all users across the United States in the next few weeks.

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