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Vanessa Hudgens offers a tour of her European-inspired Los Angeles home – Hollywood Life

Nicknamed “The Little DeMille”, Vanessa Hudgens gave “Architectural Digest” an incredible tour of her impressive old Hollywood home filled with gorgeous “antique” items.

Vanessa Hudgens, 32, gave her fans a glimpse into her beautiful home in Hollywood when she collaborated with her Architectural Digest To film a video tour of the luxurious excavations. The talented actress I toured the Georgian colonial home, located in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, providing informative descriptions and basic details about most of the items I showed on camera. One of the first intriguing tales to come out is that the house, nicknamed “The Little DeMille,” was built by a Hollywood filmmaker. Cecil B DeMille To his lover for many years.

The videos went on to show many of Vanessa’s belongings, including multiple Teen Choice Awards On the walls and a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award displayed on the shelf. She also had several old books on other shelves and a grand piano outdoors near the furniture like the old sofa and chairs.

Vanessa Hudgens looks gorgeous at an earlier event. (Cathy Hutchins/Shutterstock)

Vanessa described her home as “French” and “lively” and explained that there were olive trees surrounding the area. “I wanted it to be casual, relaxed and warm,” she said in the video, while giving a reason to decorate the way she did. She also noted that she is “a huge fan of candlesticks, so you’ll notice them everywhere!”

The High School Musical The star also admitted that she loves the floors in her home and that was one of the reasons why she bought it. “Oh and the floors!” She screams, explaining that the herringbone parquet made of 18th century French oak is from an “old church in Europe.”

Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens looks great! (Ron Adar/Shutterstock)

“The floors were a big selling point for me when I saw this house,” she continues, noting that Gary Oldman, who owned the house before her, was the one who put them in it.

Another unique part of her home she referred to includes the orange color of her bedroom. “For some reason, I fell in love with the idea of ​​orange for my bedroom,” she said, proudly showing off her gothic black bathroom. She described it as “one of my favorite places in the house” and it’s “exciting and cave-like”.

Check out Vanessa’s full tour of her home in the video above.