Van Hunt posts love letter to girlfriend Halle Berry

from the hunt He wants people to get a glimpse of reality Halle Berry.

The Grammy-winning musician, 51, wrote an article for his girlfriend’s website rē • spinHe called it “the article I wish someone would write about Halle Berry.” It’s about preconceived notions—particularly about celebrities, like the Academy Award winner—that led him to share a little bit about the woman he’s been dating for nearly two years.

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 19: (LR) Halle Berry and Van Hunt attend the 27th Annual ELLE Women in Hollywood Celebration at Dolby Terrace at the Academic Museum of the Moving Image on October 19, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Van Hunt opens up about his 2-year-old girlfriend, Halle Berry. (Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

“Revlon’s face doesn’t have lotion?” That’s what Hunt wondered to himself “while drying my hands and wiping out Halle Berry’s bathroom for hand balm,” one of the first times in her home. “As it turns out she has a lot of hand lotion, I wasn’t looking in the right place; which could be a metaphor for something we’ve all overlooked. We can never really know anyone; it’s not just about studying through apertures, as we do. We can collect Glimpses are intimate and guesswork about their significance, but we all have blind spots about the fullness of others, moreover, to celebrities. We think we know them and their operating environments.”

He wrote in the love letter that “the truth is we don’t know sh**” about celebrities from seeing them on screen or reading about them in print. “We humans hold intricate layers of secrets and idolatry; and within these rabbit warriors, the understanding of our weirdness is far away.”

Hunt said that when people talk about Perry, it’s usually about her “beauty” or her best role, “but never about her heart.” He told him, “It is impossible to look inside Haley without noticing her heart; and the principles that make it beat.”

He said she had “the heart of a saloon owner who opens a shop in the lush Wild West and sits at once with the outlaw cowboys who are also her clients, presiding over them, entertaining and taming them. Because she dared to be free. She is what Toni Morrison called the outlaw: the outlaw women.” Laws are wonderful—not always for their behaviour, but because historically women have been seen as naturally restless and their position illegal from birth if not under a man’s rule.”

He described her as a “fighter” for survival and respect. and wrote about monster ball star.

Hunt said she was very honest, respectful to everyone, a listener, meticulous and tender, with “the fairytale quality of her generosity”.

“She waits for nothing and leads the rhythm where she wants it to go,” he writes, and “knows that magic is made, and she was not made to wait for it to happen.” He points out that quality “can be interpreted as ‘control’, but the most obvious explanation is that this man’s world made this woman fully aware that survival is something to be secured, not hope for. No one has ever discussed this persistence when describing her “.

He also said that none of her “extraordinary accomplishments” have protected her from ordinary struggles, with herself recently saying that Halle Berry says her appearance has not spared her “a single sadness or heartache.”

Hunt met Perry at the start of post-production for bruising a film she directed (in her directorial debut), produced and stars as an MMA fighter; Available now on Netflix.

He wrote about her “Infinite Days” that brought it all together in production. How she found investors for the film, put her own money in, and gave up her and the director’s salary to get the film. She described him as “crazy exhausted”.

“The achievement of Bruised on screen is worthy of the embarrassment of praise,” he said.

While promoting the film, Perry garnered praise for her partner as well. Berry shared her commitment to him while telling a story about “marrying” Hunt, with her 8-year-old son Maceo leading the impromptu (and unofficial) vows.

“This was a ceremony for an 8-year-old in the back seat of a car saying, ‘Mom, you have to marry her,'” Berry said. Living with Kelly and Ryan of her car vows. I said: Really should I marry him? He said: Yes, I judge you as a man and a wife. So we’re like, “Oh, okay. We’re married!” But we’re not married… This is our commitment party. It’s silly. It’s sweet. “

What she loves about it all, she said, is, “When families mix, it’s really hard. So the good news is that my kids are comfortable and that’s all that matters. If they’re not happy, we’re not. That’s all you need. You just need them.” to be happy.”

Perry Maceo is engaged to her third husband, Olivier Martinez, whom she divorced in October 2015. She is also the mother to daughter Nahla, 13, who she shares with ex, Gabriel Aubry.

Perry and Hunt confirmed their relationship in September 2020, but had been dating several months before their relationship was announced. They made their red carpet debut at the 93rd Academy Awards.

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