Valve says DayZ and five other games are now anti-chat for Linux (and SteamDack).

There will be no special games in Valve’s SteamDack handheld, but it is slowly filling in some holes in its Windows game library – Valve says. Weapon 3, DayZ, Apathy, And The shores of the planet 2 When you are using Proton Compatibility Layer to play Windows games in Linux, now you have BattlEye AntiChat working. That’s a total of six games, including Wrestling: Survival ready. And Mount & Blade II: Banner Lord. (Both had support until November 8.)

This compatibility is important for Linux in general (and SteamDack handheld in particular) because they do not play Windows games out of the box. Until They work with Proton, and are known for interfering with third party anti-chat software.

But for the two most popular anti-chat flavors, this shouldn’t be a difficult solution! Epic Games says that to enable Easy Anti Chat (EAC) in Proton, game developers should take “just a few clicks” in the portal. Valve says activating BattlEye is as easy as sending an email.

And so far, the developers in charge of many top anti-chat games on Steam have been willing or unsuccessful to confirm whether they will actually send emails or clicks, including Bungie, Crytek, EA, Krafton , Microsoft, and Ubisoft.

Although many of the top games run on SteamDack, we do not yet know if they are Apex Legends, Destiny 2, Halo, Or PUBG For example, there will be between them. Epic will not commit FortnightDespite enabling simple anti-chat for protons in general. It’s not a steam title, though, and sees Epic Valve as a competitor.

Here is our complete list of game studios’ answers to the top anti-chat games.

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