Valentina Shevchenko weighs the future of film – especially with Halle Berry

Valentina Shevchenko He almost certainly has a future in the UFC Hall of Fame. She might have a future on the big screen, too.

Shevchenko, the dominant UFC women’s flyweight champion, has won seven consecutive title fights and six consecutive defenses from her belt. The only two losses in her UFC career are decision setbacks for Amanda Nunes, the double division champion considered by many to be the greatest women’s fighter ever.

She’s also been remarkably consistent by logging two fights a year for seven straight years, including for the past three years or so as a champ. So it shouldn’t be taken lightly for her to add an upscale film credit to her resume.

Shevchenko plays “Lady Killer” in the new MMA movie “Bruised” now on Netflix. The film is the directorial debut for Academy Award winner Halle Berry, and also stars Berry as Jackie Justice, a former UFC fighter who has gone through rough times and seizes the opportunity to climb her way back. The final chapter is a battle between the characters Perry and Shevchenko at the Invicta FC event.

For Shevchenko, the good part about taking time away from her actual combat training to work on the movie was that she wasn’t exactly hanging out through craft services all day on set.

“It was a great experience,” Shevchenko told MMA Junkie. “During the whole process, I had a lot of positive energy around me. Working with Halle, with the whole team, was one of my best experiences ever. And I really enjoyed the whole process.”

We were preparing for filming two months ago. We had five hours of training every day before we actually started shooting the fight scene. I would say it was my longest five rounds ever because it wasn’t like five rounds, five minutes, for a total of 25 (minutes). It was five rounds that lasted five days.”

Perry, who has been caged to many UFC events over the years, grew up a boxing fan, and that turned into an MMA fandom. But she took her personal training in various disciplines to the next level when she started getting “bruised”.

Perry said the involvement of Shevchenko and her amazing skills in the film was “a no-brainer.”

“What really got me involved with Valentina in this movie is, through my training, I realized that my ground game was much better than my backup game,” Berry said. “And she is, pound for pound, one of the best strikers the sport will ever test. So I thought if my game on the floor was really good and I could really handle a real wrestler, I could get the best standup striker in my weight class to do that movie with me. And I think we can have a really dynamic fight.

“To be able to have the best in the world while they’re at the top of their game to come in on your movie, what would be better than that? And to train from her, learn from her — she brought a lot of credibility to the fight. She was always telling us when we were doing it right, when we were We’re doing it wrong. I knew I would have someone standing next to me who would bring authenticity to this fight. That was really very important to me.”

Berry, who has starred in her fair share of action movies, said she made an offer to “John Wick” director and producer Chad Stahelsky for Shevchenko for a role in future installments of the franchise.

Perry played a major role in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum in 2019, and although the fourth film of the franchise has been shot and does not include Shevchenko, the fifth is already in development.

“I actually told Chad from John Wick, I’m like, ‘Do you want another badass female to come in here? Oh man, you gotta get Valentina. “I know for sure she has a career,” Berry said. “She is natural. She has a huge career, whenever she wants, in these films. She definitely does.”

Shevchenko said that returning to the big screen is something she will also disappoint.

“I enjoyed it with all my heart and I definitely want to do it in the future,” she said. “And for sure, I know Haley will have a lot of success as a director, and I’m a member of her cast and cast always and forever.”


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