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Form Builder allows admins to create custom forms for third party websites. The administrator can create a form depending on the needs of the business and also create and add custom fields to the form.


However, this app even allows the administrator to review the created custom form. The admin can use the HTML code to integrate the format used into any other website. Whenever the customer completes and submits these prepared forms, it will automatically create a ticket for that user based on the details of the completed form.

Note – To use this module first, you will need to install the UVDesk Open Source Helpdesk.

Features of Form Builder Recovery Module

  • Can create multiple custom forms.
  • Create and add custom fields to the form.
  • You can preview the generated form.
  • You can view and copy the HTML code of the created form to integrate it into another website.

Installation of Form Builder Recovery Module

Step 1: At the root of your UVDesk project, go to the Apps folder and create a new directory called UVDesk.

Step 2: Within the Udesk directories, your form component directory will be present and will contain the application. Download the application directly and place it in the relevant directory or clone the application from inside the Uvdesk directory.

Step 3Next, run the following command to complete setup in the project root directory.

1 بن php bin / console uvdesk_exferences: config extension
2 بن PHP Bin / Console Assets: Install
N. 3.3
3 pHP Bin / Console Theory: Migration: Different
N. 3.3
4 p php bin / console theory: migration: migration

Finally clear your project’s cache using the command: p php bin / console c: c

Presto Shop Order-Recovery-Installation-3-1

Once your packages are successfully configured, they are ready to use the Form Builder Recovery module for UVDesk.

Customer End: Uvdesk Farm Builder

  • When creating a ticket you will be shown custom field options where the user can fill in the requirement as per the details given below.
Custom Field UVdesk Stack Creation
  • After logging in with the customer, the custom field options are displayed on the left side of the ticket system.
Custom Field Options Form Builder

Admin configuration

  • In the admin panel, it will show the show below as per the image show, in the dashboard you will have the option to have a form builder.
Form Builder for UVdesk
  • After clicking on this form builder option, it will redirect you to more than one field within the form builder, such as mandatory fields, optional fields, custom fields shown.
Form Builder Update for UVDesk
  • After that you need to update the form and now your form will be ready.
Form Builder UVdesk
  • Admin can customize multiple forms, add and create custom fields in the form.
Custom field for UVdesk

Here the administrator can also review the ticket form builder after successfully creating the ticket.

Ticket creation

The admin can use the HTML code to integrate the format configured in any other website, the JS version is shown here below. The admin admin can also use the same code on another website.

HTML code form builder uvdesk

The infra version here is shown below. The admin admin can use the same code on other websites.

Image 8

Here the public URL is shown below. Admin Admin can use the same code on other websites.

Picture number 10

It’s for everyone UVdesk Open Source Form Builder Custom Field Order Recovery Module If you still have a problem, please pick up a ticket on our ticket panel.

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