USPS Postal Service mail slowdown sparks lawsuit from 20 state attorneys general

Controversial US Postal Service Slower From the mail delivery that began on October 1, it caused a backlash from 20 prosecutors. On Thursday, state officials — from California to New York — lawsuit Postal Regulatory Commission, alleging that the Federal Oversight Agency had not fully examined the large-scale plan before the USPS moved forward with it.

The Postal Regulatory Commission, or People’s Republic of China, is an independent federal agency that oversees the operations of the postal service. The lawsuit alleges that the People’s Republic of China examined only a small part of a 10-year plan devised by Postmaster General Louis Deguy, which the complaint claims will “change nearly every aspect of the postal service.”

The People’s Republic of China said it had received the lawsuit, and would schedule the matter and “take it under supervision.” She said her regulations prevented her from discussing the issue further.

The PRC added that the agenda should be established within a few days. The public can “follow the public proceedings by accessing the commission’s scheduling system at prc.govstated in the statement sent by e-mail.

The USPS said in an email that the lawsuit “has no legal or factual basis, and the Postal Service intends to move to dismiss it in accordance with Postal Regulatory Commission rules.” “The Postal Service has continued to follow all legal and regulatory requirements and will continue to do so as we move forward with our strategic plan to restore service excellence and financial sustainability,” she added.

Digoy argue His 10-year plan will wipe out billions of dollars in projected losses over the next decade by increasing revenue through expanded parcel delivery and postal hikes — but his plan also includes slowing mail delivery. USPS actually increased mailing costs in August, and This month it lowered delivery standards So that first class mail can now take up to 5 days to reach anyone within the US, instead of the previous standard of three days for delivery.

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein said Thursday that the changes represent a “radical” plan that could “destroy the timely mail service that people depend on for medication, bill payments, and business operations in the state’s rural areas.” statment.

Prosecutors suing: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Rhode Island, Washington and Washington, DC

Not getting a full review?

The complaint alleges that Postmaster General DeJoy is moving forward with the 10-year plan despite not getting a review of its full scope. The complaint alleges that the USPS received an advisory opinion from the People’s Republic of China for only a few parts of the 10-year overhaul.

“So far, the Postal Service has only submitted two requests for an advisory opinion [from the PRC], which represents only a small part of the scope of the plan,” the complaint alleges.

However, one of those issues reviewed by the Committee of Permanent Representatives was with the Postal Service’s plan to slow mail delivery. People’s republic of China Aired concerns about slowdown, which will affect 4 out of 10 pieces of first class mail, such as letters, invoices and tax forms.

USPS May Slow Down First Class Mail


The USPS argued that the slower delivery standards would save money – an assertion that the People’s Republic of China questioned. “I don’t think the Postal Service has made its case for lowering service standards for all Americans,” PRC Commissioner Ashley Pauling wrote in July. Report.

Despite the People’s Republic of China’s concerns, the Postal Agency has moved ahead with the implementation of slower mail delivery standards, which took effect on October 1. .

“With reliance on the postal service in a timely manner still at historical levels, including by low-income, rural and elderly populations, as well as every level of government, the Postal Service’s decisions are having disastrous consequences being felt across the country,” she says. complaint.

“It is imperative now, more than ever, that the commission carefully consider the full scope of the sweeping changes to the postal service, and give the public the opportunity to comment on them, as Congress desired,” she added.


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