US stocks rise on hopes of global stocks over debt deal, while bitcoins hit a five-month high of $ 55,000.

Shalini Nagrajan.

Global stocks rose after progress in negotiations between lawmakers over the US debt ceiling helped ease sentiment, while the bitcoin hit a nearly-five-month high of $ 555,000. تجارت AU75,634) continued to trade.

The Dow Jones futures rose 0.4 percent, while the S&P 500 rose 0.6 percent and the Nasdaq rose 1 percent until 4:40 a.m. ET, suggesting a strong start to the day.

The two parties made some progress on Wednesday, following a statement from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Extension of short term loan limit By December to prevent catastrophic financial impact.

That means President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats will be able to complete their spending package between $ US1 ($ AU1) .9 (U AU3) trillion to 2 US2 ($ AU3) trillion, and further increase debt. Will also add. Deutsche Bank’s strategist said to limit a major reconciliation package near the end of the year.

Jeffrey Haley, a senior market analyst at Owanda, said: “The announcement of the two-month road offer was enough for frustrated buyers to change course and move US stocks into positive territory.”

The rise in private U.S. jobs to 568,000 in September, more than expected, indicates that the labor market is recovering. Investors will look for US non-farm payrolls next Friday to provide some clarification on the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy. Economists expect to print 500,000 new jobs after August’s figure of just 235,000.

Asian equity markets rallied, tech stocks remained stable after gains on Wall Street, and so far after a fluctuation.

Mainland China will remain closed until Friday. But Hong Kong’s benchmark index rose 3%, following reports that the government plans to build 900,000 new homes. Meanwhile, Tokyo’s Nikkei rose 0.5 percent.

The European index returned to the back of US stocks, which bounced back from their lows. London’s FTSE 100 rose 0.7%. Eurostocks 50 rose 1.3 percent and Frankfurt’s DAX rose 1.2 percent.

Natural gas prices have fallen 4% since Russian leaders, including President Vladimir Putin, offered to stabilize the European gas market.

The fall in natural gas prices echoes across commodities, with both Brent crude down 1.7 percent to $ 79.70 (U AU110) a barrel and West Texas Intermediate down 2.3 percent to $ 75.58 ($ AU104) a barrel. Year-high after a surprisingly large increase in US energy reserves in recent days.

The bitcoin was trading near US 4 US54,599 (U AU75,083), after reaching $ 555,000 (U AU75,634) on Wednesday, positive, including SEC Chairman Gary Jensler Impressed by the progress, he said the agency had no plans to ban corruption.

Bitcoin’s 34% rally last week allowed it to gain مارکیٹ 1 ($ AU1) trillion market cap for the first time since May 10.

It took about 10 years to reach the value of one trillion dollars. Ron Levy, CEO and co-founder of the crypto company, said it took less than a year to get from one trillion to two trillion. “A lot of people have decided that now is the time for those who have investment departments to start investing in this space, especially when the older generation is seeing that the younger generation is making investments that Has made steady progress. “

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