US officials angry with lawmakers over secret Kabul visit: Reports

  • Reporters Seth Molton and Peter Major set off for Kabul amid disappointing evacuation efforts.
  • He said he traveled unauthorized to provide “surveillance”.
  • But US officials are furious, with one telling the Washington Post that it was “as rude as it is selfish.”

White House, Pentagon and State Department officials are reportedly angry at the two lawmakers who made unannounced and unauthorized visits to Afghanistan during the eviction attempt.

The Associated Press first reported that Democrat Rep. Seth Multon and Republican rapper Peter Major chartered a plane for Kabul Airport and stayed there for several hours on Tuesday, as the United States relocated people after the Taliban took over. Trying hard to get out.

Lawmakers jointly confirmed the visit. Statement On Tuesday, he described his visit as “secret” and said he was there to “monitor” efforts to oust Americans and allies.

But his visit has been condemned in the light of disruptive efforts to evacuate people before the August 31 deadline for the withdrawal.

The three officials told the AP that State Department, State Department and White House officials were angry about the visit because lawmakers did not work with any diplomats or military personnel controlling the evacuation.

Several US officials told the AP that the visit was troubling for US troops and commanders in Kabul.

Another senior US official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Washington Post: “It’s as rude as it is selfish.”

“They are taking seats from Americans and endangered Afghans – while putting our diplomats and service members at greater risk – so they can spend a moment in front of the cameras.”

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