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Fox News reporter Lucas Tomlinson wrote on Twitter: “The US military has begun withdrawing from Afghanistan Reducing the presence of troops – US officials.” But the decision of the US President Joe Biden The start of the troop withdrawal from the crisis-stricken country sparked an angry reaction. Someone got angry on Twitter: “This is disgraceful!” Another said: “And our NATO allies are telling us not to. Why do we?”

A third person added: “Running not withdrawing – leaving citizens and allies behind.

“The military should take over this effort.”

While another person got angry: “In front of civilians ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????”.

Biden sent about 6,000 troops to Kabul airport after the Taliban seized the capital and most of the country earlier this month.

Troops have been helping to evacuate American citizens, as well as Afghans who are believed to be at very high risk, while running the airport so that many other countries can evacuate their citizens.

But US officials said the Pentagon recommended the president stand by his August 31 target.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement: “During this morning’s meeting with G7 leaders, the president conveyed that our mission in Kabul will conclude based on the achievement of our goals.

He confirmed that we are now on our way to completion by August 31.

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And Boris Johnson and other leaders of the Group of Seven had failed earlier to persuade the US president to keep US forces in Afghanistan in order to continue the evacuation efforts after the end of the month.

The prime minister was widely expected to pressure Biden to change his mind, as they provide security at Kabul airport to allow people to flee the country.

But after an emergency summit of G7 leaders to discuss the crisis in Afghanistan, which was chaired by Mr Johnson, the US president insisted that the deadline was still in place.

The Prime Minister said, “We will go straight until the last minute we can but you heard what the President of the United States said, you heard what the Taliban said.”

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“We are confident that we can get thousands more out, but the situation at the airport is not improving.”

“We have evacuated 9,000 people, the UK alone has evacuated 9,000 people from Kabul, and I think 57 flights – a huge, massive effort by our military.

“We will continue to work until the last possible moment. But you heard what the President of the United States said, you heard what the Taliban said.

“I think you have to understand the context in which we are doing this, we are confident that we can take out thousands more.

“But the situation at the airport has not improved at all, there are public order issues, horrific scenes of those trying to get out, which is difficult for our military as well.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid insisted that no evacuations would be allowed after the August 31 deadline.

“August 31 is the appointed time and after that something is against the agreement,” he told a news conference in the capital, Kabul.

“All persons must be removed before that date.

After that, we do not and will not allow them in our country and we will take a different position.”

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