US Cellular is now offering a synchronous content transfer solution to accelerate in-store device activation. Vanilla Plus

Expect a busy holiday season for new cell phone sales, US Cellular, A full service wireless carrier in the United States, now offering Synchronizer Content Transfer, a solution that enables US Cellular Store affiliates to easily and quickly transfer content from a customer’s old mobile device to a new device at no cost.

Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. To facilitate onboarding of new devices by providing a source for digital content including photos, videos, contacts, call logs, music, documents, to a global provider of content transfer, cloud, messaging and digital solutions. Designed for Messages and settings will be easily transferred between mobile phones and tablets.

Chris Hill, Synchronoss’s chief commercial officer, says access to digital content is no longer a “must-have” but a “must-have” because consumers are increasingly integrating mobile devices into their daily lives.

“Consumers have two expectations when buying a new device, one is that they will not lose any of their important digital data when switching hardware. The other is that as soon as the new mobile device is connected to the network they can access their data Our cross-platform application meets both of these needs by making new device activation virtually smooth for users.

Content Transfer Solution is an easy-to-use application that extends to devices and operating systems and changes the need for in-store devices. It can also significantly reduce the amount of time a customer spends in the store when activating a new device.

Eric Jagger, Senior Vice President of Consumer Sales and Operations at US Cellular, says, “As we continue to explore new ways to enhance our customer experience, we have incorporated the Synchronoss solution as a significant addition to our customer service toolbox. Let’s see. ” “Content Transfer provides a quick and easy way to ensure that customers can save their important photos, videos and other data when buying a new phone, which is why they are less in store this holiday season. More time and more time with friends and family. “

Hill added that analysts’ predictions of a year-on-year increase in holiday spending are one of the reasons US cellulars are attracted to Synchronoss, along with the lure of new models of smartphones to be released this year. That will help store partners ensure they can easily and quickly transfer customer content to new ones. Tools

“The addition of our content transfer solution to US Cellular’s customer service resources will help it provide a better in-store experience,” he says.

Content Transfer Synchronoss is a set of tools in a group of onboardX solutions that allow mobile operators to provide the customer experience that subscribers want and strive to adapt to the service. Additional on-board ex-solutions include Backup & Restore, a cloud service that provides subscribers a safe place to backup, view and restore content on operating systems and devices. Out of the Box Experience (OOBE), a solution that leverages the functionality of new subscribers, services and devices. And the Digital Experience Platform (DXP), which facilitates the creation, orchestration and management of online experiences and travel.

The Synchronoss website provides additional information about content transfer and other Synchronoss onboardX tools that allow mobile operators to adapt the service and provide the user experience that subscribers want.

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