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Universal Web Design announces plans to move into the clean energy sector to create more than 30 new jobs.

Universal Web Design has announced plans to expand its operations to support the clean energy sector.

Digital marketing company OrbisEnergy is opening a new office in Lowestoft, Suffolk, creating more than 30 new jobs.

As part of this initiative, it intends to offer special packages to businesses and organizations operating in the green energy sector.

Universal Web Design was founded in 2011 and already employs more than 20 people.

It will join about 40 other businesses and organizations based in OrbisEnergy, owned by Suffolk County Council and managed by the Vertas Group.

“We already have a large client base in the energy sector and we are marketing partners with more than 600 different companies,” said Lauren Newell, Universal Web Design’s Director of Operations.

“We have big plans for the future. 30 new jobs in the coming months will help reduce the current unemployment rate.

“We want to be a major employer in the region with a five-year plan to create more than 250 jobs for local people. We want to employ talented people with great ambitions and enhance the capabilities of existing workers.

“Whether you want to expand your online presence or build an award-winning international branding, we can help businesses and organizations in Clean Energy meet their goals.

“We have a lot of experience working with clients of all sizes and types and we have a lot of knowledge about what works for them. We are all perfectionists in Universal Web Design and want to Let’s do our best for the people we can work with. ”

Angela Gray, Building and Tenant Manager at OrbisEnergy, said: “We are excited to welcome Universal Web Design. Their location here will place them at the center of the UK’s clean energy market. Many of the people working inside this building His knowledge and expertise also means that he is in the right place to advise and assist those working in the field. ”

Register for free at www.etidex.co.uk on November 19 at Energy Voice’s Virtual Energy Transition Idea Exchange (ETIDEX) Summit.

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