United Airlines terminates nearly 600 employees for refusing to comply with global mandate vaccines for news

As many employers and the federal government encourage individuals to take the COVID-19 vaccine to help reduce the spread of the virus, some United Airlines The employees are not on the same page and are against getting the vaccine. As a result, this puts their livelihoods at risk. With 99 per cent of United’s workforce having provided proof of vaccination, they had to make a difficult decision for the less than one per cent of unvaccinated employees.

according to hillToday, United announced that it will begin the process of laying off nearly 600 employees for failing to comply with their COVID-19 vaccine mandate. “This was a very difficult decision, but keeping our team safe has always been our top priority,” Scott Kirby, United Airlines CEO and President Bret Hart, wrote in a note to employees. Although the decision is final, the staff will not walk away without a fight.

Of the percentage of United employees who have been vaccinated, which excludes employees who have requested religious or medical exemptions, six filed a lawsuit against the airline last week. The cause of the suit is United’s policy of giving exempt employees unpaid leave. However, United do not appear to be too concerned. Reports indicate that the company has received a lot of applicants after they announced their vaccination requirements. United says potential applicants want to work in a safe environment.

United is the only US airline to terminate employees who do not comply with its vaccine requirements. Delta Air Lines decided not to lay off workers but charged a monthly surcharge of $200 for unvaccinated employees, while American Airlines and Southwest Airlines only encourage their employees to receive the vaccination. United employees will have one last opportunity to comply with the mandate during the dismissal process before they are formally terminated.

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