Union workers won’t have to get COVID-19 vaccine, automakers decide

A major consortium and three major automakers announced an agreement this week that includes no mandatory coronavirus vaccination.

strongholdAnd general motors, and Stellantis are asking members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) to share if they have a shot, but are not asking them to do so at this time, the four parties announced in a joint statement.

“In addition to encouraging members to disclose their vaccination status, the task force continues to urge all members, co-workers and their families to get vaccinated and have their COVID-19 booster vaccines, recognizing that there are personal reasons that some members may not be vaccinated, such as health issues or religious beliefs”.

The two parties together formed what they called the COVID-19 Joint Task Force to reach agreement on COVID-19 vaccines and related matters.

The task force requires all workers to wear masks, noting the delta variable spread of CCP Virus (Chinese Communist Party) and “recent data identifying a persistently high rate of transmission in some geographic areas.”

COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have fallen dramatically nationwide since the fall peak, but are up in some areas. Michigan, where all three automakers have plants, has seen its metrics jump to the highest level in the country in recent weeks.

“One of the best ways to fight this virus is to vaccinate as many people as possible. The more UAW members, co-workers and their families vaccinated and with boosters, the faster this deadly epidemic can be overcome,” the task force said.

Officials said they will continue to monitor the situation, including by observing federal guidelines and rules.

The Biden administration announced earlier this month a mandate for a COVID-19 vaccine for all private companies with 100 or more employees, to take effect in early January 2022, but that mandate is currently blocked by a federal court over concerns it would violate the constitution. United State. .

Administration on Tuesday ask the judges to remove the block.

The UAW represents about 400,000 members, although some work for companies outside the three automakers.

When President Joe Biden in September first announced stringent vaccine mandates for federal workers, contractors and private employees, the American Workers’ Federation said it was reviewing the details. In a statement after revealing details of the special commercial mandate, the union said it continued to encourage members to get vaccinated “but understands that in some cases, health and religious issues do not make this possible.”

The UAW said it does not track how many members are getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Ford and Stellantis previously required salaried employees not represented by a union to receive the vaccination. General Motors required these employees to disclose their vaccination status but did not enforce a mandate.

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