UK weather news live: The heat wave is set to continue as thousands flock to Britain’s beaches

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UK weather news live: The heat wave is set to continue as thousands flock to Britain’s beaches

Hottest day of the year in England and Wales as heat wave continues موجة

Thousands are flocking to United kingdom‘s coast To enjoy the fire the heat Which saw all four countries record their highest day of the year so far over the weekend.

hot the weather It is set to continue today, with highs at 30°C Climate forecast in Cardiff and up to 32°C in London this afternoon. Temperatures In your twenties it is expected to be southern England, while it will be a little cooler in the north and in Scotland.

Those lucky enough to head to the beach today are unlikely to find them as busy as they became on Sunday: pictures point to Bournemouth, Brighton and Weymouth beaches It became crowded under the scorching sun.

But while the hot weather is set to continue, the office met He warned that thunderstorms could hit the UK later this week. Until today, rain is expected in the north and showers in the south, despite the heat.


Thousands flock to the beach in the heat wave

The beaches become crowded over the weekend as temperatures rise.

Pictures taken at Bournemouth Beach indicate that Sunday was one of the busiest days of the year on the coast.

(Alami Live News.)

In Wirral, too, sunbathers took advantage of the heat wave. On Saturday, people crowded New Brighton under the scorching sun.


Joanna TaylorJuly 19, 2021 12:45


When will the heat wave end?

The severe heat wave in the UK is expected to last until the end of the week.

Today is set to be the hottest day of the year yet, with temperatures expected to rise to 32°C.

Temperatures could reach a maximum of 32 degrees Celsius in parts of the Midlands, London, southwest and southeast England, with “weird showers” likely later, said Met Office meteorologist Becky Mitchell.

Joanna TaylorايلJuly 19, 2021 11:54


Could today be the hottest day of the year?

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year yet in England and Wales – but could today be even hotter?

According to the Met Office, temperatures could reach 32 degrees Celsius in London and other parts of southeast England this afternoon.

This would break the current record of 31.6 degrees Celsius set at Heathrow. Meanwhile, Wales was exposed to 30.2°C heat in Cardiff.

Joanna TaylorايلJuly 19, 2021 11:34


Ice, Ice Baby: The IndyBest team shares hot weather essentials, from fans to face mist

It is safe to say that we Brits are not well equipped to handle the hot weather. Without air conditioners in our homes, when summer comes, it can be a nightmare to try to cool off, other than resort to taking cold showers every hour.

It is arguably worse now that many of us continue to work from home, so they can’t take advantage of a great office.

Joanna TaylorايلJuly 19, 2021 11:02


Top 12 fans who will keep you cool this summer

Do you want to know the best fan to cool your home, office or foyer?

These are our top picks for the coolest fans on the market.

Joanna TaylorايلJuly 19, 2021 10:21


Tropical Night Recorded in Dorset

What is a tropical night?

In the UK, a tropical night is defined as a night when the temperature does not fall below 20°C.

Such nights are rare, although they seem to be more frequent.

Last night’s temperatures remained at least 20 degrees Celsius all night on the island of Portland in Dorset.

The small island in the English Channel is connected to the mainland by Chesil Beach.

Joanna TaylorايلJul 19 2021 10:06


How to keep your home cool in a heat wave

As the heat wave continues, it’s important to know how to keep your home cool, especially if you don’t have an air conditioner.

From closing your windows during the day to building the air conditioner yourself, here’s what you can do to lower the temperature in your home.

Joanna TaylorايلJuly 19, 2021 09:35


UK heatwave: Can you legally quit work if it gets too hot?

All remaining lockdown restrictions have been eased in England, which means people are no longer urged to work from home if they are able to.

But the upsurge in work-from-home order comes amid a heat wave, with temperatures soaring to 31.6 degrees Celsius on the hottest day of the year on Sunday.

Joanna TaylorJuly 19, 2021 09:22


What is a heat wave?

When does hot weather become a heat wave?

In the UK, heat waves are announced when temperatures meet certain thresholds for three consecutive days.

These thresholds vary by region because, in a heat wave, temperatures must be high relative to the expected conditions for that place at that time of year.

So, for example, the minimum in London is 28°C but in Edinburgh the minimum is 25°C.

These conditions were met in many parts of the UK over the weekend and the Met Office confirmed a heat wave was underway.

Joanna TaylorايلJuly 19, 2021 09:07


Today’s forecast: Sunny spells and strange showers

The UK woke up to rapidly rising temperatures again after a hot weekend.

The heat is set to continue across much of the UK, peaking at 28°C between 3-5pm in London.

Cardiff is set to see 30°C weather in the same period, while temperatures in Scotland cool down – stabilizing in their teens and early twenties.

Low clouds and drizzle will affect coasts across the northern UK, the Met Office predicts, with sunshine inland.

Rain is expected in the south in the afternoon.

Joanna TaylorJuly 19, 2021 08:33

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