UK rescues Afghan families after details left in Kabul embassy | Afghanistan

The British Foreign Office said Britain rescued three Afghan families whose contact details were contained in documents left by embassy staff in Kabul and seized by the Taliban.

British Foreign Office staff had left documents with contact details for their Afghan workers scattered on the ground in the embassy compound in Kabul, The Times mentioned.

The UK Foreign Affairs Select Committee has been appointed to launch an investigation.

The newspaper said the journalists found the documents identifying seven Afghans on Tuesday while Taliban fighters were patrolling the embassy. It said it handed over details of three Afghan employees and eight family members to the State Department.

“Crucially we are now able to get these three families to safety,” a State Department spokesman told Reuters late on Thursday. “Our embassy was withdrawn at an accelerated pace as the situation in Kabul deteriorated. Every effort was made to destroy sensitive materials.”

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan Less than two weeks before a US-backed government, thousands fled and likely heralded a return to the strict and authoritarian rule of the militants two decades ago.

The Times reported that such was the British surprise at the speed of the capture of Kabul that the embassy’s evacuation protocols, which included destroying all data that could endanger Afghan staff, broke down.

The newspaper stated that the documents included names, addresses and contact details, as well as resumes and addresses of applicants for jobs as interpreters.

Calls made by the Times to the numbers in the abandoned documents revealed that some of those on the list had been evacuated to the UK in the past few days.

The newspaper reported that the fate of at least two applicants for jobs as translators is still unknown.

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