Tyche Media bags digital and social media marketing agency SheRox

Tyche Media, an independent digital marketing and services consulting firm based in Mumbai, has been given the marketing mandate of digital and social media for Jacqueline Fernandez’s modern lifestyle brand, SheRox.

As part of the mandate, the agency will be responsible for managing and promoting digital property brands, which include websites, social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as building the SheRox community.

SheRox plans to crack the nut of empowerment and help people shift gears towards a brighter and more attractive future. They live and breathe perfect well-being, with the aim of creating a future of trust, a powerful and nurtured personality in mind. They cover well-being well-being, lifestyle, fitness, beauty, style, shop and travel with a mix of more interesting niches.

SheRox is primarily for women and communicates and resonates with people around the world. They are here to expose well-being problems and inspire curiosity, all with pomp and circumstance. Whether you’re an aspiring beautician, a thriving college graduate, a expectant mother or a change seeker who is fascinated by a cloudy vision of an ‘ideal lifestyle’, SheRox has cultivated this space carefully, all for YOU.

Pawan Bagga

Pawan Bagga, founder of Tyche Media, said: “We are excited to connect with She Rox. They are open to ideas and suggestions and are willing to take any risks creatively. Our main purpose is to make their efforts and voices reach out to many people and motivate them.

Sasha D Cunha

“I was thrilled when we received a commission for SheRox. For me, this is a project I have given my heart to. We look forward to strengthening the brand together by being able to reach the point where our audience resonates with our message (globally), “added Sasha D Cunha, Founder and CEO of Tyche Media.

Jacqueline Fernandez

“I am happy and relieved to find an organization that shares the same vision I have for SheRox, together we are really looking forward to creating a positive space for everyone,” said Jacqueline Fernandez.



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