Twitter promotes spaces by showing who your friends are attending.

Twitter is experimenting with a place that makes it easier to find places you’re interested in. Some users on iOS or Android will now see if someone they follow is listening in place at the top of their timelines, According to the Space Twitter account..

Twitter is already highlighting places in this top bar (where you may have seen flats before shutting down Twitter), but before that, it only shows places for people you follow. ۔ Hosting Social Audio Rooms Now, though, you can also see that when someone follows you, they turn into one.

If you don’t want your followers to know where you’re going, you can turn it off by going to the “Settings & Privacy” menu, then “Privacy & Safety” and then “Allowing Followers” You can turn off the “” option to see which places you’re listening to. Closing it, however, will not hide your presence inside the space. If you are going to a space, the people in the room next to you will still be able to see that you are there.

Just last week, Twitter added another way to further explore space to make it easier for other apps to point to space. The company is also replicating the space experience, adding to its ability to nominate space hosts as two co-hosts earlier this month.

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