Twitter has started offering free ticketing places on iOS-Tech Crunch.

Twitter Announced today That some hosts on the space, with its live audio feature, will now be able to sell access to ticketed venues. Applications for ticketed seats first opened in June for users over the age of 18, who have hosted three spaces in the last 30 days, and have at least a thousand followers.

“We’re continuing to work with people who are already hosting spaces for ticketing venues,” a Twitter correspondent told TechCrunch. Twitter declined to say how many people it has enabled so far, or when users can expect a more universal rollout. Currently, anyone on iOS can buy tickets to a place hosted by people who have access to the feature.

Twitter Stated earlier That would reduce creators’ earnings from ticketed venues by 3%. But since the feature is currently only available on iOS, this means that Twitter will be subject to a 30% app purchase fee for Apple, so a creator will see only 67% of each ticket sale. If a creator’s lifetime earnings on Twitter – including ticketed places and superfollowers – exceed $ 50,000, Twitter will increase its 3 commission commission by 20%.

Ticketing places distinguish Twitter from its direct audio competitors. Clubhouse and Instagram allow listeners to place speakers or award badges directly in the audio space, but the apps have not enabled advance ticket sales.

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