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Twitch hit on ‘Hat Red’ trolls with a lawsuit.

  • Twitch has sued two of its users for targeting streamers with hate speech.
  • The company accused consumers of carrying out “hate raids” on backward streamers.
  • “Hateful raids” are when users use bots to fill streamers with hateful comments.

Popular live streaming platform Twitch this week filed a lawsuit against two of its users for targeting Twitch streamers with hate speech.

The lawsuit targeted two specific customers, Cruise Control and Creatine Overdose.

, Arranging “hate raids” against some users of the platform.

“Hateful raids,” is now a popular trend on the site, when anonymous users use bots to harass streamers, usually filling the comments section of their live streams with harmful and inappropriate comments. The lawsuit alleges that Cruise Control and Creatine Overdose specifically targeted “members of disadvantaged groups” with “racist, sexist, and homosexual language and content.”

Despite the suspension of users’ accounts, defendants were “dissatisfied” and “escaped the ban on Twitch by creating new, alternative Twitch accounts,” Keep changing the raid code. ” In the trial.

According to Twitch’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, users are prohibited from “creating, uploading, transferring or distributing any content that is inaccurate, illegal, infringing, defamatory, obscene, Attacking, harassing, threatening, abusing, provoking, or otherwise questioning the rights to pornography, privacy or promotions. ”

The lawsuit alleges that “CruiseControl is responsible for approximately 3,000 boot accounts associated with hate raids.” “Boats developed and deployed by Cruise Control have been linked to various incidents of hate raids, including targeting black and LGBTQIA + streamers with racist, gay, sexist and other harassing material.”

Twitch accused CreatineOverdose of similar violations. Although both users were banned from the platform, Twitch alleged that CreatineOverdose was constantly coming up with new usernames to prevent raids with different usernames and prevent Twitch from being permanently banned.

Although the identities of Cruzzcontrol and CreatineOverdose are unknown, Twitch suspects that the trolls are from Austria and the Netherlands.

Twitch told insiders in a statement that the company hopes the lawsuit “will shed light on the identities of those behind the attacks and the tools they exploit, allowing them to behave similarly in other services.” Prevents and helps eliminate these impurities. Attacks on members of our community. ”

Earlier this year, Twitch changed its user policies to a platform to monitor users for viewing offline deadly, violent and extreme Internet activity. According to insider news, the policy change was intended to be a complete, codified version of Twitch’s past actions.

In early September, many Black Streamers boycotted the platform and used the hashtag #TwitchDoBetter to urge Twitch to do more to combat hate speech on the site.

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