Tube strike latest news: Major disruptions to Victoria, Central and Jubilee lines

London Underground employees go on strike over nighttime underground shifts

Five subway lines will be severely affected this morning by the strike it has taken London Underground (LU) Workers.

Transport in London (TfL) said Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly and Victoria lines will be severely disrupted for 24 hours from 4.30am on Friday.

Rail, Navigation and Transportation (RMT) members also plan to strike another six nights: this Saturday (November 27), Friday December 3, Saturday 4, Friday 10, Saturday 11 and Friday 17.

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps has called on unions to operate services and avoid further disruption.

“I absolutely appeal to the unions not to disrupt everyone’s lives. We have had enough disruption due to the coronavirus,” he told LBC. “I would just implore them to get around a table and get these services running. This is the last thing Londoners need. I urge them to think again.”

RMT stated that LU has eliminated 200 positions for tube drivers and imposed “unacceptable and intolerable” new courses for existing drivers to cover Night Tube services. The union says this would “destroy the work-life balance” for members.

This came after the public and campaign groups called for safer transportation at night to help tackle violence against women and girls and to increase the transportation available to support the night industries.


Londoners face severe disruptions to transport services

The images show Londoners crowding the metro lines amid severe disruption to service due to strikes.




Thomas KingsleyNovember 26, 2021 09:29


London Underground chief apologizes for disruption

The general manager of the London Underground has apologized for the disturbances faced by Londoners trying to use the service today amid the underground strikes.

talking on BBC Radio London Andy Lord said: “The vast majority of drivers are happy with the changes, and a small minority are the ones who hit.

“We are offering more flexible job rosters to all drivers and still those who wanted to stay part-time on the Night Tube still do.

“I would encourage RMT to get back around the table.”

Thomas KingsleyNovember 26, 2021 09:14


The Minister of Transport appeals to the unions ‘not to disturb life’

“I absolutely appeal to unions not to disrupt everyone’s lives,” Grant Shapps told LBC. “We’ve had enough disruption through the coronavirus.

This is a dispute between TfL and those working there and London Mayor Sadiq Khan, so I don’t have a direct role in it.

“I would just implore them to come around a table and run these services. That is the last thing Londoners need. I urge them to think again.”

(Environmental Protection Agency)

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RMT guild ‘hard rock’ amidst strike battle

RMT representatives tweeted photos from the “Rock Steel” strike movement’s picket line:

Thomas KingsleyNovember 26, 2021 08:35


The Piccadilly Line opens a discounted service that takes passengers to the subway

The Piccadilly Line now operates a special limited service between Arnos Grove and Cockfosters that runs approximately every eight minutes.

There is still no service on the rest of the line and the Waterloo and City line remain completely suspended due to the strike.

Piccadilly line partially resumed


Thomas KingsleyNovember 26, 2021 08:27


London Underground and Bus are facing spending cuts and bike schemes could be scrapped without urgent funding

Sadiq Khan has warned that London bus services could fall by a fifth and tubes by nearly a tenth if the government did not step in with £1.9 billion of extra cash.

It’s the opening start to the latest in a series of ongoing battles that the capital’s mayor has had with the government over funding, which has been in crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Khan has traded blows with Boris Johnson, who preceded him as mayor, over Transport for London (TfL) since Covid-19 hit and revenue has plummeted thanks to a collapse in passenger numbers.

our reporter John Sharman He has the full story below:

Thomas KingsleyNovember 26, 2021 08:17


Union chiefs say tube strike disruption ‘only due to management failure’

The RMT’s general secretary, Mick Lynch, said the turmoil this morning was only due to failures of TfL management.

“This morning’s tube strike is very strong across all warehouses, and the widespread impact on services is solely due to management’s failure to recognize and address the anger of their employees due to the imposition of harmful and unacceptable work practices,” said Mick Lynch.

He added: “Our members have spoken this morning and it’s time for the London Underground to start listening.

“This is just the beginning of a program of work and the mayor and his officials must acknowledge our determination to advocate for progressive and family-friendly work practices. We remain ready for talks.”

Thomas KingsleyNovember 26, 2021 08:10


Metro strikes hit London plans Black Friday

As the Underground continues to hit multiple train lines, Londoners have been forced to rethink their shopping plans for Black Friday. The shopping event was a boost for retailers who have been hit hard by the pandemic.

The New West End company, which represents 600 companies in central London, said the prospect of disruption was “extremely frustrating”. financial times mentioned.

“Just as commerce and football rebound, and hard-hit businesses see a boost at Christmas, this will be a huge boost,” said Jess Terrell, group chief executive.

(Environmental Protection Agency)

Thomas KingsleyNovember 26, 2021 07:55


Update strike pipelines

As the metro hits continue this morning, this is the current state of service across the affected TfL train lines:

– Waterloo and City Lane: Suspended

Piccadilly line: suspended

– Central Line: Special Service – Transportation services are in operation between White City, Ealing Broadway Hainault, Liverpool Street, Leytonstone and Epping, Woodford, Hainault, West Ruislip and North Acton. No service on the rest of the line

– Jubilee Line: Special Service – The service operates at a reduced frequency due to the strike.

– Northern line: special service – the service operates at a low frequency due to the strike.

– Victoria Line: a special service – the service operates at a low frequency due to the strike.

Circle Line: Minor delays due to train cancellations

Passengers face drastically reduced service due to strike

(AFP via Getty Images)

Thomas KingsleyNovember 26, 2021 07:32


RMT union chief says strike was ‘avoidable’

The head of the Railroad, Navigation and Transportation (RMT) union, Mick Lynch, said that several efforts had been made to resolve issues with TfL and the strike could have been avoided.

“This strike, and its serious consequences in the run-up to Christmas, could have been avoided if Tube management had not completely eliminated the dedicated Night Tube staff and made practical arrangements in order to cut staff numbers and costs.

He added that the strike is related to reducing the number of employees at Night Tube and then returns after pressure from women’s safety activists.

“This strike is about tearing up the popular and family-friendly conventions that helped make the original Night Tube such a success,” he said. “Instead, the company wants to cut costs and gather all drivers in a pool where they can be ejected from one pole to the next at the request of management.”

Thomas KingsleyNovember 26, 2021 07:17

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