‘Trump propaganda tool’: Judge slams ex-president’s lawyer for ‘just repeating things he said’

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‘Trump propaganda tool’: Judge slams ex-president’s lawyer for ‘just repeating things he said’

A pair of Colorado lawyers Who filed a lawsuit to question the results 2020 elections They may face disciplinary action as a federal judge calls “propaganda” outlets. Donald Trump.

Two attorneys, Gary Felder and Ernest John Walker, filed a federal lawsuit just before Christmas on behalf of 160 million Americans claiming that a staggering number Conspiracy For stealing the 2020 election from Trump, he blamed Dominion Voting Systems, Facebook, its founder Mark Zuckerberg, his wife Priscilla Chan, and several elected officials from four states for the alleged wrongdoing.

Lawyers have demanded $160 billion in damages, according to a report published in Washington Post.

The case — like all lawsuits alleging voter fraud in the 2020 election — has been dismissed.

However, a federal judge is now considering punishing lawyers for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

Federal Magistrate N Reed Neuter criticized the lawyers during Friday’s hearing, claiming they had allowed themselves to be used as a “propaganda tool” by the former president.

“Has this ever happened to you before? Perhaps, [you’re] Just repeating the things the president is lying about? ”

The lawyers responded that they really believed the elections were stolen and that they did not trust the elected officials and electoral authorities who had repeatedly asserted that the elections were legitimate.

The judge repeatedly questioned lawyers about how much, if any, independent investigations they had conducted to corroborate Trump’s claims, noting that even members of the former president’s administration such as former Attorney General William Barr publicly asserted the lack of evidence of widespread. Voter fraud in the 2020 elections.

He said assurances like Mr. Barr and those made by the Cyber ​​and Infrastructure Security Agency should have been “a red light to you, at least a flashing yellow light” and that they should have been investigated further before a lawsuit was launched.

Neither lawyer has retracted their positions, and said he would file the case again in light of their current understanding. They called the judge’s question about their independent research “ridiculous” and insisted that they “taken this case seriously.”

The judge did not accept the argument, pointing out that the grievance alone does not warrant legal action, and said the lawyers did not provide “a shred of evidence” in their case.

Many people were touched by the outgoing incumbent saying the elections were stolen. “They wholeheartedly believe everything the outgoing incumbent has said,” Judge Neuter said. “Of course they will think and feel and have real feelings about this…how does this federal lawsuit, the fact that people feel wronged in some way?”

The couple tried to get their lawsuit passed as a public service, arguing that they saw the potential for a rebellion before January 6, and thought their case would be a kind of liberating the pressure valve to show those who doubted the 2020 election that the concerns were heard.

The hearing was held at which arguments were presented to determine whether or not the judge would punish the lawyers. However, the judge does not appear to have made a final decision on the matter.

Other lawyers faced similar disciplinary action for their willful participation in the former president’s attempt to invalidate the election result through lawsuits.

Another federal judge in Michigan questioned a group of nine lawyers — including conspiracy theorists and pro-Trump lawyers Lane Wood and Sidney Powell — for about six hours. The hearing was also aimed at determining whether or not lawyers should be punished for pushing frivolous lawsuits aimed at nullifying the 2020 election.

The sanctions hearing comes on the heels of Rudy Giuliani, a Trump loyalist, losing his license to practice law in both New York and Washington, DC.

Mr. Giuliani was found to have “transmitted manifestly false and misleading statements” that posed a threat to the public by judges in New York.

Lawyers who have broken the law by paying frivolous lawsuits could be required to pay their opponents legal fees or other financial penalties, and could also be subject to disqualification.

Two of Trump’s most vocal supporters, Giuliani and Powell, are facing multibillion-dollar defamation brought by Dominion Voting Systems for repeatedly lying about the company and its voting software.

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