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Trump mocked his switch to writing a letter to a Wall Street Journal editor to talk about the election

The The Wall Street Journal have posted a file Message to the editor by the former president Donald Trump in which he repeated his widely refuted claims about the 2020 election.

It lacks its own online soapbox since the platform has been scrapped from it Twitter And Facebook social networking site And his later adoption of his spokesperson’s account, some mocked his use of the message page on social media.

The message came in response to magazine editorial Posted on Monday Which accurately cited this president Joe Biden won state Pennsylvania by 80,000 votes.

Trump wrote: “Well, actually, the election was rigged, which, unfortunately, you still haven’t counted.”

He then listed a series of debunked allegations of alleged electoral “fraud” in the state in 2020 that have been referred to as “bananas,” “predictably bad,” “desperate,” and “utterly crazy.”

Bloomberg Political reporter Ryan Beckwith appears to sum up the sentiments of many online by tweeting: “District man writes letter to editor.”

One of the responses to his message was a gif of Grandpa Simpson on a typewriter with the caption: “I’m not a criminal.”

Jonathan Tamari, national political writer at Philadelphia Inquirer, tweeted in response to the letter’s allegations: “This is full of utter lies – from point one down.”

Some commenters were stunned magazine Provide a forum for the former president to repeat baseless allegations about the elections without refutation or context.

“How can the WSJ justify publishing a letter to the editor from the former president listing a series of false and misleading data points,” CNN’s Jeremy Diamond asked.

in a Politico, legal correspondent Kyle Cheney, who focuses on the January 6 riots at the Capitol, said the editorial page gave Mr.

Jordan Fisher, investigative reporter for WUSA9, who also covers the Capitol riots and editor of the newsletter tracking the fallout from that day, called the decision to publish “a new low for the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Section,” adding that the newspaper had printed “the collection of election lies from former President Trump.” — without even a single mention of the fact that their editorial side has accurately exposed these allegations.”

Columnist at fort online Republicans for Voting Rights Director Amanda Carpenter tweeted: “Trump couldn’t post this to Facebook but the editors at WSJ collectively decided to put it on their platform. Think about it. They think they can distance themselves from it by doing it as LTE. As of that It magically exempts them from paying lies.”

Jay Willis, Editor-in-Chief Balls and kicks, which provides commentary on courts, judges, and the legal system, noted that “the choice to publish a non-disruptive letter to the editor from Donald Trump about voter fraud conspiracy theories *without any additional context* is absolutely insane and unreasonable.”

The former president also took time in his letter to the editor to attack former Attorney General Bill Barr, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, raw story reports.

Trump complained that “Attorney General Bill Barr has ordered US Attorney General Bill McSwain to step down and not investigate election irregularities.”

“Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg poured more than $17 million into the Pennsylvania election interference, including $5.5 million on ‘ballot processing equipment’ in Philadelphia and $552,000 into drop boxes where voting pattern wasn’t possible,” he added of the Facebook founder.

Joe Biden won Pennsylvania, receiving 50.01 percent of the popular vote versus Trump’s 48.84 percent on November 3, 2020.

He received 3,458,229 votes to Trump’s 3,377,674, with a winning margin of 80,555 votes.

Trump won the state in 2016 by a margin of 0.72 percent. Biden won in 2020 by a margin of 1.17 percent.