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Trump loyalists team up with anti-reverse extremism doctors on ‘Health and Freedom’ tour | Donald Trump

Senior loyal to Donald Trump, who press a lot on lies about election fraud, joined conservative doctors touting unproven Covid treatments and vaccine skepticism, and like-minded evangelical ministers in a series of events across the United States this summer.

Conservative ‘ReAwaken America’ Tour – With an Ex-General Michael Flynn And major donors loyal to Donald Trump – have held events in Florida, Michigan and other states.

It highlights how Trump allies, anti-vaccine doctors and conservative advocates amplify baseless claims that harm the country’s public health and democracy with potentially far-reaching effects, epidemiology and election experts say.

The tour comes as the number of COVID-19 cases rises and as Republicans push to pass state laws that impair voting rights. While the tour was promoting the lead role of Flynn, Tulsa, Oklahoma media personality and Christian entrepreneur named Clay Clark was instrumental in organizing the rallies—also called “Health and Freedom” conferences—using his ThriveTime podcast and radio show and covering Charisma’s news.

The ReAwaken events included talks by vaccine skeptics such as Simone Gold, who has been accused of participating in the Capitol riots and leading the Frontline Physicians of America, a right-wing group that has drawn attention for promoting suspect treatments for Covid-19 such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Stella Emmanuel, a Houston physician and member of the Gold Group who spoke at the Michigan Rewaquin rally on August 20, gained notoriety last year for her public statements at a rally in Washington near the Supreme Court suggesting that America’s health problems are linked to alien DNA and Sperm from demons.

Another physician listed as a speaker at the rallies is Scott Jensen, a former senator and Fox News favorite who is running for governor of Minnesota. Last year, Jensen was a candidate for Politifact “Fool of the Year” for his unfounded claim that doctors were overcounting Covid cases for their own financial gain.

Moreover, the conservative round introduced new audiences to wealthy Trump donors such as Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, who has falsely stated that Trump will be re-installed as president by August 13, and Patrick Byrne, the former chairman of Overstock, who was funded with millions of dollars in an “audit.” A bogus in Arizona’s largest county stoked bipartisan fire for his lack of merit.

The ReAwaken meetings, each of which appears to have drawn audiences in the hundreds or more, have been held this year in Oklahoma and California, with more scheduled in Colorado and Texas in the coming months. Promotional materials indicate that attendees are required to pay $250 for general admission or $500 for VIP tickets, with chaplains eligible for half-price tickets.

Voting rights lawyers and epidemiologists are concerned about the amount of election and pandemic disinformation the ReAwaken Tour appears to be spreading.

Clay Clark, a major character on the Rewaken America Tour.
Clay Clark, a major character on the Rewaken America Tour. Photo: Mike Simmons/The Associated Press

“Many Americans believe the 2020 election has been stolen, despite the many failed court cases alleging it, and are recounting the findings of the results,” said Jerry Hebert, who has spent more than two decades as a senior attorney in the Department of Justice dealing with voting rights. .

Hebert added: “People have refused to wear masks and get vaccinated due to Covid disinformation campaigns. Lies and disinformation campaigns can kill our fellow Americans and our democracy, and this ReAwaken America tour appears designed to highlight these problems.”

Likewise, Covid experts say the ReAwaken America tour is exacerbating medical misinformation.

“These events are a stark reminder of how Trump was elected in 2016 and remains popular to this day, with many now vying to take over the campaign trail for an elective office at all levels of government,” said Erwin Redliner, who leads the division of Pandemic Resource at Columbia University. . recovery initiative.

“I’m really embarrassed by the fact that there are doctors who are completely involved in this madness.”

Flynn, who was pardoned by Trump late last year after twice admitting to lying to the FBI about his contacts with the Russian ambassador to the federal investigation into the Kremlin’s 2016 election interference, has become a staple of conspiracy rallies this year, including one in Texas in May was backed by QAnon advocates who falsely claimed that Trump would become president again this year.

Other Trump loyalists have appeared at ReAwaken events, including Roger Stone, a longtime Trump adviser who was also pardoned by Trump after being convicted of lying to Congress and other crimes as part of the federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, and Charlie Kirk who runs the Turning Point group USA pro-Trump.

Anne Nelson, author of The Shadow Network, a book on the right-wing council on national politics, which includes some major evangelicals, said Clark’s tour of ReAwaken had previous echoes of “religious political entrepreneurs,” but said Clark “updated their technologies through rallies.” Religious and media platforms promoting Trump proxies like Michael Flynn and medical misinformation sellers like Simon Gold, to build momentum for the radical right, until the middle of next year and 2024.”

The ReAwaken meetings combined with more motives of conservative and pro-Trump doctors to spread the pandemic and disinformation about the election.

For example, Gold’s Doctors America Front Line, which was formed with the help of the Tea Party Patriots early last year, submitted a proposal in July of this year targeting the Department of Health seeking to halt vaccinations. The movement contained some widely debunked assertions about Covid-19.

The dubious claims included that CDC data reveal that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and the Johnson & Johnson single-shot vaccine are “ineffective in treating or preventing” Covid-19, and that the pandemic is not a public health emergency.

Furthermore, Gold Group announced in May that it was launching an “uncensored truth tour” for the National Recreational Vehicle with an initial focus on several states including Arizona, Texas and Florida.

Critics see the RV tour as another way for Gould to spread misinformation, as in her comments in Washington at a rally the day before the Capitol attack, when she called FDA-approved vaccines an “experimental biologic agent with a misleading name” and urged people to avoid “Forcing”.

More broadly, Redliner is appalled by the abundance of misinformation in ReAwaken America’s pools, and via similar ways. “The increasingly blatant promotion of anti-science ignorance and outlandish political extremism is troubling,” he said.