Trump Has Over $100 Million In War Fund As Mark Meadows Reveals He’s Meeting Cabinet Members

Donald Trump It has about $102 million in cash on hand, new federal campaign filings revealed this weekend, and the former president claimed he brought in $82 million in contributions in the first half of 2021.

According to WinRed, the Republican PartyThe main contributor site, Trump has raised far more money than any other Republican. It also surpassed the party’s three major fundraising arms in donations.

“Exposing the truth about the fraudulent and stolen 2020 election is critical to restoring confidence in our electoral process and our country itself,” Trump said in a statement Saturday about his massive fundraising. “On behalf of the millions of men and women who share my anger and want me to continue to fight for the truth, I am grateful for your support.”

I can’t imagine a more important time to elect good Republicans to the House of Representatives and SenateThe former president continued. ‘Common sense conservative It wasn’t much needed. We should have people who will advocate for America’s First Agenda for lower taxes, lower regulations, support for the Second Amendment, strong boundaries, honor vets, and be very tough on crime. The American people know what is at stake.

“I will not stop fighting for free and fair elections and the election of the right candidates.”

Donald Trump has about $102 million in cash on hand, according to recent filings. It has so far outraged any other individual politician, as well as the three largest fundraising arms of the Republican Party

Although a statement from Trump’s Save America Political Action Committee claimed that $82 million was raised from January 1 to June 31, the number appears to include at least $23 million in remittances collected last year.

After Trump, the second largest single fundraiser among Republicans was Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. He’s the only black Republican in the Senate and he delivered the GOP’s response to Biden’s first speech to Congress in the spring.

Scott has raised $7.8 million, according to the latest filings.

Trump PAC Claims: “These fundraising numbers, along with massive support in many other ways, show that President Trump’s supporters want him to continue to fight for the America First agenda and truth in the 2020 election. Free and fair elections are the bedrock of our constitutional republic.

A day before the new numbers were released, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said Trump had been meeting with ‘cabinet members’ at a golf club in New Jersey as he considers another attempt in 2024.

Well, tonight we met several members of our government. We’ve already had a follow-up meeting with some members of our cabinet, and while we’re looking at that we’ve been looking at what happens next,” Meadows told Newsmax’s Steve Curtis on Friday.

A close ally of the former president holds meetings at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, as Trump and his team continue to look forward to the 2022 and 2024 elections.

While Meadows claimed to meet with Cabinet members, he did not name anyone involved.

I’m not authorized to speak for the President, but I can tell you that, Steve. We wouldn’t get together tonight if we didn’t make plans to move forward in a real way, with President Trump at the helm of that ticket.

He defended Trump’s failed endorsement of the Texas presidential runoff, insisting that “the magic is still there.” Adding that Trump is “a president who is fully engaged, very focused, and stays on task.”

Mark Meadows said Friday that Trump will meet with cabinet members to discuss a Trump ticket at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Mark Meadows said Friday that Trump will meet with cabinet members to discuss a Trump ticket at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Meadows served as Trump's 29th and final chief of staff from 2020 to 2021

Meadows served as Trump’s 29th and final chief of staff from 2020 to 2021

Trump has confirmed that he is seriously considering another presidential election and will announce whether he will run for president again after the 2022 midterm races. He and his followers have also claimed that he will be reinstated as president in August.

Last April, Trump said he was “100 percent” considering running for president in 2024, saying he might use Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as his running mate this time.

“Are you thinking of running again, Mr. President, in 2024?” Fox Business Channel’s Maria Bartiromo asked Trump in a phone interview.

He quickly replied, “Yes, 100 percent.”

“And the polls show that everyone wants me to do it,” he added. “I am 100 percent thinking about running and we will be, I think, very successful.”

When asked if Trump would consider running with DeSantis, he gave a glowing assessment of the Republican governor of Florida, where the former president now resides.

“Well, he’s a friend of mine,” Trump said. I supported Ron and after I supported him, he took off as a missile ship, he did a great job as a ruler.

A lot of people like that – you know, I’m just saying what you read and what you read – they love that ticket. The former boss said Ron would definitely be seen, he’s a great guy.

The former president has been telling people he expects to be back in office by August according to a report, after the original National Security Adviser Michael Flynn said a Myanmar-style coup “must happen”.

Maggie Haberman of The New York Times commented on a CNN story that showed Trump supporters expressing support for a Myanmar-style coup to bring Trump back. “Trump has told a number of people he has contacted that he expects to be back in office by August (no, that’s not how you work but simply sharing information),” the journalist wrote on Twitter.

The Department of Homeland Security is concerned with this theory trump The acting chief counterterrorism official said in June that he would be reinstated in August and monitor extremist online communities for threats of violence.

Trump recently held an event

Trump recently held his “Protect Our Elections” event as his first rally since leaving office

Assistant Secretary of Counterterrorism John Cohen told the House Committee on Homeland Security that he is concerned about mounting allegations of election fraud and believes that Trump’s return to office will lead to violence. Politico mentioned.

He was responding to conspiracy theories sparked by reports from Maggie Haberman of the New York Times and National Review earlier this month that Trump had told aides he might be back in the Oval Office by August.

Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, has made the theory public and claimed to be the source of the allegations.

A seven-point plan for how to restore the situation to the way it was Donald Trump as the “Days Not Years” chair handed out at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas last month.

The so-called ‘Trump card’ details that the former president’s best chances of regaining his seat in the Oval Office ahead of the 2024 elections are by being put into the position of Speaker of the House and ultimately leading Congress to impeach and impeach the president. Joe Biden The cum Kamala Harris from the office.

the card , NSForbes got it It appears to have been prepared and distributed by a group called Patriots SOAR, which is not associated with CPAC regulators.

on the ‘7-pt. A Plan to Get Donald J. Trump Back in Days, Not Years,’ Readers are asked to visit the Patriots SOAR webpage.


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