Trump claims Biden can bring Afghan “terrorists” to US

  • Former President Donald Trump claimed on August 25 that terrorists were being airlifted from Afghanistan to neighboring countries around the world.
  • He added that there was a possibility that Biden was bringing terrorists to the United States.
  • Last week, Trump told Fox News that the military should not release people who are “allowed to seek refuge.”

Former President Donald Trump has claimed that the Biden administration could expel Afghan refugees and bring terrorists from Afghanistan to the United States.

“Biden turned Afghanistan over to terrorists and killed thousands of Americans in front of our citizens,” Trump said. A statement on August 25.

“You can be sure that the Taliban, now in full control, did not allow the best and brightest people to board evacuation flights. The world,” Trump said Tuesday.

“What a terrible failure. No inspection. How many terrorists will Biden bring to the United States? We don’t know!” The former president wrote without proof.

Many Afghan migrants are traveling to the United States using Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs), which are offered to those who have assisted the US Armed Forces as interpreters. Military members are now urging the US government to help its Afghan friends and allies whose lives are now in danger after the August 15 capture of the capital, Kabul, by Taliban militants.

The Hill reported that Afghan evacuees were being sent to transit centers in third countries, such as Germany, where they were conducting security checks and checks before being allowed to enter the United States. Biden also said Sunday that all Afghan refugees would face a full screening process before being admitted.

The former president’s August 25 statement echoes sentiments expressed by other conservative figures.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said in his August 16 show that Afghan refugees could invade the United States and occupy its neighborhood.

“If history is a guide, and it has always been a guide, we will see that the refugees from Afghanistan will probably settle in your neighborhood in the coming months. And in the next decade, that number could increase to millions. Said.

Last week, Trump said Biden should help US Afghan allies before withdrawing troops.

“Well, I’m the first American, okay,” Trump told Fox News host Sean Hunty on Aug. 17. The Americans came out first. Be very careful with the test, because you have some rough people out there, but we are going to help them. “

President Joe Biden said last week that he hopes to expel about 50,000 to 60,000 Afghans who have helped the United States. The White House says that since August 14, the United States has evacuated and assisted about 70,700 people from Afghanistan. Tweet on Tuesday.

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