Travel news live: Vaccinated travelers head to Europe amid new quarantine exemption rules

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Travel news live: Vaccinated travelers head to Europe amid new quarantine exemption rules

thousands of travelers Arrival in the UK faces drastic changes to self-isolation rules.

The main change for the British Passengers Who have been fully vaccinated by the NHS that they no longer need Stone for 10 days upon arrival fromAmber ListLike Spain, Italy, Greece and the United States.

The first beneficiaries were British Airways Flight 262 from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, which landed just 33 minutes after the rules change at 4am. Two more flights from Amber List locations, Lagos and New York, had arrived by six in the morning.

The first ferry to arrive from the Amber List site was the Stena Line from Hook of Holland to Harwich, which docked at 6.30am.

Passengers must still submit a negative coronavirus test result before departing for the UK, and pre-book a PCR test after arrival.


Vacationers scramble home from Balearics Island to beat quarantine deadline

British holidaymakers paid thousands of pounds to race back from the Balearic Islands before they joined the UK’s amber list, leading to a mandatory quarantine.

The Spanish islands, which includes holiday favorites Mallorca and Ibiza, have been on the government’s green watch list, meaning arrivals from there can forgo self-isolation.

But on July 14, the Department of Transportation announced that the islands would be downgraded effective 4 a.m. on July 19.

Read the full story here:

Helen CoveyJul 19 2021 12:47


Dozens of flights are landing from the countries of the amber list

Dozens of flights have landed at UK airports from European “amber list” countries after 4 a.m. rules for fully vaccinated passengers were relaxed.

Travelers who have been punched by the NHS, and wait another two weeks, no longer need to isolate themselves upon arrival from more than 150 moderate-risk countries.

The first landing flight was Wizz Air arriving at 7.15am in Luton from Craiova, Romania.

But all passengers on board the first Air France flight from Paris, which landed at Heathrow at 7.55 a.m., must quarantine: France was placed in a special category, “Amber Plus,” late Friday night. This effectively means that previous rules, which required self-isolation for all arrivals, remain in effect for everyone arriving from France.

Simon CalderJuly 19, 2021 12:19


‘Little incentive’ for Brits to go on holiday, says travel money specialist

With restrictions lifted in England, a travel finance specialist claimed there was still “little incentive” for Britons to go on holiday, thanks to ever-changing restrictions, entry rules and testing requirements.

Ian Strafford Taylor, CEO of travel money firm FairFX, said: “Although Freedom Day has arrived 16 months later, the excitement in the travel industry is somewhat subdued. The outlook for consumers remains incredibly confusing, with travelers from England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland facing different advice.

The government’s traffic light system will also provide a little reassurance to vacationers, especially after the reinstatement of restrictions on vaccinated travelers planning to travel to France. Between ever-changing rules, exam requirements, and changing entry requirements, there is little incentive for Brits to risk spending their hard-earned money on vacation.

“Sterling appears to be weathering the storm despite the uncertainty, so risk-averse holidaymakers should keep an eye on exchange rates and lock in while they are good to get the most out of their money.”

Helen CoveyJul 19 2021 12:07


Trainline data reveals record bookings for “Freedom Day”

Train line data reveals that there have been more travel bookings on Mondays than on any other Monday in the last 16 months — since the start of the pandemic.

With restrictions lifted in England, more people are planning to travel this week, with bookings up 26 per cent compared to eight weeks ago.

The most popular stops to travel this week include (in order):

  1. London Euston
  2. London Kings Cross
  3. Edinburgh
  4. Manchester Piccadilly
  5. London Paddington
  6. York
  7. Liverpool Lime Street
  8. Leeds
  9. Newcastle
  10. Birmingham New Street

Helen CoveyJuly 19, 2021 11:32


What are the travel rules that change from today?

All legal social distancing restrictions from Covid and the wearing of masks were dropped from July 19, the so-called Freedom Day, in England, with the government instead asking Britons to use their own judgment when it comes to assessing disease risk.

These changes apply to England and relate to activities within its borders.

But what about international travel? Will the traffic light system be brought down with the obligatory mask-wearing and social distancing? And will any other rules change from July 19th?

Read our guide for everything you need to know:

Helen CoveyJuly 19, 2021 10:58


American Airlines becomes the most mentioned airline on Twitter

American Airlines replaced British Airways as the “most mentioned airline on Twitter” between April and June 2021, analytics firm GlobalData reports.

The company was looking for mentions in the “influencer conversations” on the social networking site.

American airlines topped the table, with American Airlines and Southwest taking first and second places.

British Airways was most popular in Europe, followed by easyJet.

But India overtook British airlines, with Air India and IndiGo appearing.

Simon CalderJuly 19, 2021 10:43


Jet2 flights resume to amber destinations amid high demand

Jet2 has brought back flights and vacations to amber destinations across Europe, aiming to entice fully vaccinated passengers (and children under 18) back on board.

More than 60 Jet2 flights departed from UK airports today, to destinations including the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and mainland Spain, Portugal and Greece.

The airline will also begin flights later this week to Croatia, after being added to its green watch list earlier this week.

She added that she had seen “high demand” from customers wanting to escape to the list of green and amber destinations this summer.

Kathy AdamsJuly 19, 2021 09:57


Delays in transportation services because drivers are under pressure

The BBC reported that there were delays in the London transport network this morning due to a staff shortage as “drivers are under pressure”.

Central and Metropolitan lines are affected.

Kathy AdamsJuly 19, 2021 09:47


Passengers travel to the Balearic Islands now listed in amber

Passengers of the first flight from Glasgow to the Balearic Islands on Monday expressed few concerns about being quarantined upon their return despite the islands being moved to the UK’s amber travel list.

Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca were transferred to ward last week due to an increase in the number of cases; However, many people had already booked to go while they were part of the green list.

With Scotland moving to Level 0 of coronavirus restrictions, Jackie Sutherland was one of those at Glasgow Airport for the 7.15am flight on Jet2.

Under the new guidance, people who are fully vaccinated or under the age of 18 who arrive from one of the amber-listed countries do not have to self-isolate – but adults and children over 12 should still get tested before travel and on the day second after arrival.

Ms Sutherland, who is headed to Ibiza with her partner for a week, told the Palestinian News Agency: “We booked when she was on the green (list) and then kind of wondered what to do when she moved into the amber.

“But since we have been double vaccinated, there is no need to quarantine.

“My friend is a travel consultant and he said if anything happens, they will send flights to get you home before it turns red.

“That’s why we booked when it was green because if he went to amber we would still be fine…a little worried but we’ll go anyway because at the moment it’s all good.

“Both of my girls only got one vaccine, so they won’t go to treatment at all because it’s too risky.”


Temperatures at Heathrow Airport

“It feels like someone has pressed a switch,” said a member of staff at Heathrow Airport. independent.

“We haven’t seen crowds like this in a year.”

From 4am on Monday, travelers from “amber list countries” who have been fully vaccinated by the NHS can return without having to self-isolate.

As a result, bookings to European countries such as Greece, Italy and Portugal have increased – although rising coronavirus infection rates mean many countries are closed to travelers from the UK.

Bulgaria, the latest addition to the low-risk “green list”, immediately put the UK on the “red list”, making holiday visits impossible.

Heathrow, the UK’s busiest airport, is maintaining a requirement for travelers to wear face masks unless exempted – along with the rest of the aviation community.

Simon CalderJuly 19, 2021 09:28

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