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Tracy Wolfson on CBS Sports – on CBS in Detroit

(CBS Pittsburgh) – The Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers may be heading in opposite directions in Week 4. The Steelers looked lifeless in their loss to the long-time Cincinnati Bengals, the AFC’s boxing bag. Al Hazmoun looked exactly the opposite, as they came back to beat the San Francisco 49ers with a ground goal. Pittsburgh hopes to turn things around this Sunday in the inhospitable areas of Green Bay’s Lambeau Field. It will be a difficult task.

“Pittsburgh Forever had a team and talent surrounding them that always felt like they were of championship caliber and had the chance to make it to the Super Bowl,” according to NFL On CBS chief correspondent Tracy Wolfson. “And it seemed to get shorter every year. And this year, in particular, you see maybe, as they get older, their pieces just don’t fit together. And they don’t look good. Then you look at the other side of it. Aaron Rogers is at the top of his game…when you have A new young coach, you have some little bits around him, and it’s a team going in a different direction.”

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The Steelers were hit on both sides of the ball, and appeared against the Bengals. They struggled to dominate the line of scrimmage, giving up (or re-) big plays on attack, and failing to make many on defense. Each of the five Offensive navigators They were punished at least once. Nagy Harris rushed for just 40 yards on 14 buggies, averaging 2.9 yards per carry. Those numbers look noticeably worse when you consider that half the yardage came in one game.

The provisional offensive line held up enough in the passing game to allow Ben Roethlisberger to throw for 318 yards, even though he went 38-58 with a passing rating of 70.9. And pay the price. Big Ben has been kicked four times and hit five more times. Harris was his main receiver, with 14 off-court receptions, followed by Chase Claypool with a nine. Juju Smith-Schuster left the game early with a rib injury, and Diontae Johnson did not play. Both are questionable this week.

Could the Steelers’ offensive streak slow the Packers’ dash that lived in the 49ers backfield? The unit was missing linebacker Zadarius Smith but managed to sack Jimmy Garoppolo four times in Week Three and hit him 11 times again. Garoppolo went 25-40 for 257 yards and two touchdowns. However, The Packers closed the 49th run, allowing only 67 yards on the team’s 21 cars.

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This Packers team still belongs to Aaron Rodgers of course. And he showed it again in Week Three, using two long passes to Davante Adams in the last minute to give kick-off guard Mason Crosby a kicking opportunity for the win. Crosby converted his 54-yard attempt.

“You have to be able to finish those matches and have the confidence to do that,” Wolfson emphasized. “Aaron Rodgers. LaFleur has that. Davante Adams got that. And with this team, it would be very clear if you gave him 37 seconds, he would be able to walk in there, let them kick the goal out on the field.”

In the game, Rodgers completed 23 passes for 253 yards, two TDs, and a passing rating of 113.3. Adams found a total of 12 hits for 132 yards. Aaron Jones averaged 4.3 effective yards per carry over his 19 campaigns.

If the Steelers have any chance of staying with the Packers on Sunday, their defense will have to step up. Pittsburgh’s dashing pass failed to fire or knock out Joe Burrow once last week. The Bengals offensive line is among the worst in the league. The return of Watt and Highsmith will help the Steelers generate more pressure, although both were limited in practice as of Wednesday.

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“They’ll have to find a way [to pressure Aaron Rodgers]Because Aaron Rodgers loves to take the ball out. He can move. “He’ll find Davante Adams in the field,” said Wolfson. “I think the key for them is to really focus – and I’m going to use a term that Brandon Staley used for the Chargers – put a cap on it. Let’s just cover everyone, let’s take that long deep pass game and not allow the explosive games… Take the deep pass. You won’t necessarily get This pressure. I hope they bring Alex back, maybe TJ Watt. I think they should get rid of the explosive plays and force Green Bay to beat them some other way.”